The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

the benefits of hiring veterans

Why You Should Be Hiring Military Veterans Veterans should be at the top of every employer’s hiring list.  A recent study by LinkedIn, shows the gap in underemployment between veterans and non-veterans. The study reveals the dramatic increase over the last several years. Its highest difference at 38% for veterans more likely to be underemployed […]

7 Ways to Support Veteran-Friendly Small Businesses

Veteran Owned Business

How You Can Support Veteran-Friendly Businesses What is one way to support veteran-friendly businesses? To help you better support small businesses that advocate for veterans, we asked business leaders this question for their insights. From patronizing veteran-friendly business year round to hiring them for your next project, there are several ways you can help support […]

9 Tips to Effectively Manage Veterans in the Workplace

How to Manage Veterans in the Workplace Veterans can enter the civilian workforce with a wide range of different perspectives and experiences. Managers may wonder how to best support their new veteran hires to ensure success in their roles.  What is one tip to effectively manage veterans in the workplace? To help business leaders provide […]

Step Up Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Did You Know That Racially & Ethnically Diverse Companies are 35% More Likely to Perform Better?   Organizations of all sizes recognize this and are working hard to ramp up their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI or DE&I) efforts. PRADCO, a consultancy specializing in organizational development and employee development published […]

Best Jobs for Veterans with PTSD

jobs for veterans with ptsd

Jobs for Veterans with PTSD According to the National Institute of Mental Health, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that occurs when individuals experience a “shocking, scary, or dangerous event.” Individuals living with PTSD may experience a variety of symptoms with onset commonly between three months to a year after the traumatic event. […]

Job Descriptions Targeting Military Veteran Job Candidates

military jobs description

How to Attract Military Veteran Job Candidates It’s no secret that there are plenty of benefits to hiring veterans. From their impeccable work ethic to the outstanding teamwork they’ve learned, veterans are prime candidates for a variety of positions.It’s no secret that there are plenty of benefits to hiring veterans. From their impeccable work ethic […]

11 Career Transition Tips For Veterans

Career Transition Tips for Veterans What is one career transition tip you would offer a veteran? To help veterans transition into a new career, we asked veteran-friendly CEOs and business professionals this question for their best tips. From easing into the transition to finding veteran resources, there are several strategies that may help you transition […]

How to Hire Military Veterans


Is your company looking to reap the rewards of hiring U.S. military veterans? You’re in luck! MilitaryHire is here to teach you how to hire veterans.

The Best Jobs and Careers for Military Spouses

best careers for military spouses

The Best Careers for Military Spouses With constant moving, a prominent need for childcare, and an often demanding military schedule, finding employment opportunities as a military spouse can feel like a job itself. However, for military spouses wanting to be a part of the workforce, there are quite a few jobs that offer the freedom […]

How to Prepare Resumes

How To Prepare Resumes Best Practices for Preparing Your Resume to Post on Job Sites   Despite the proliferation of the digital environment and a wide array of online opportunities for applying for jobs of all kinds, resumes still rule. Resumes still remain the most commonly used source of information about candidates. Formatting your resume […]