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Job Hunting During Uncertain Times

Andrew Novak of Military Hire asks COO Rob Riegle for his advice to veterans about looking for a job during uncertain times.

Video Transcript:

Advice for Job Seekers During Uncertain Times

Hi I’m Rob Riegle, I’m the chief operating officer of MilitaryHire.com, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for watching these short series of videos that we’ve created for you and hopefully we find value in that collectively and hopefully we can find you a job which is the entire purpose of our organization. Thank you.

Andrew: It’s a pretty challenging job market out there right now. What advice would give to job seekers during this pandemic?

Rob: I think take this time, obviously, that you are at home and take a good accounting of where you’re at in your professional standing—what are the things that you’re lacking that you may be able to focus on during this time where we’re not able to show up for purposes.

Is there training that you can take? Are there certain interview skills that you can be focusing on? Are there gaps in your resumes that you can go find data and find supporting information for some of the claims that you need to make that may entice a hiring official?

So really, take a moment and step back and kind of just review everything that you have surrounding your professional premise and your prowess and say, “Okay, I might want to add this, I think I’m going to be heading in this direction”.

Also, research the job market. What are people really looking for? We already know because we have 25,000 people, hiring agencies, or organizations that have selected MilitaryHire to help them find veterans. We already know there is a huge market out there for veterans. And, quite frankly, times like these, Andrew, that’s the reason why!

Veterans are resilient, most veterans aren’t going to take the COVID-19 crisis with much more than a grain of salt because they’ve done much more difficult chores and tasks in their military lives. they’ve been separated from their families for very long periods of time and under some very extreme hardships. I mean, many like myself in combat, and you know, environments like that.

So as you begin to see the coronavirus move away, and we begin to return to normal life, you know, I would also remind our hiring organizations that these are people that are in our database.  These veterans have resiliency. They’re used to overcoming these things and coming back and hitting the ground running.

It won’t be anything, you know, really unusual for them to have an interruption in their life and then have to go back to work, so be mindful of the fact that if you are trying to bring your organization back to preeminent status, maybe you’ve had a downturn related to the coronavirus—we have the people that are going to help you do this the quickest—there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind about that.

It’s really just a taking time during this pause in our lives to to make sure that everything that we can do, we’re doing—and then just be prepared for when the green light goes, that you’re ready to proverbially jump and begin your new mission!

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