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Training & Job Placement for Veterans & Military Spouses

Akron, OH – Military Hire, a SaaS Factory company, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with new alliance partner, Battle Buddies USA.


Battle Buddies USA’s mission is to support all Veterans in their community and all U.S. Veterans worldwide while providing training and support programs to Veterans that are transitioning, directly tying into all US Armed Services Transition Assistance Programs (TAP).


The organization focuses on giving Veterans the skills and opportunities to achieve success around ‘What’s Next’ for them after military service. With an active Facebook group of over 50,000 members which can be joined by veterans at no charge, Battle Buddies provides a safe online social media space for Veterans to connect and share with other Veterans on a wide range of topics.


“Battle Buddies is a community which addresses several needs of veterans,” said Chuck Freiberg, leader of Battle Buddies. “Within our community are veterans who need jobs and that’s why we are excited to partner with Military Hire to provide that service to our members.”


“Battle Buddies is one of the leading online communities of veterans in the US,” said Jeff Finefrock, Chief Marketing Officer of Military Hire. “They cast a wide net in the array of topics they cover, so we are excited to partner with them on the topic of employment for veterans.”


Military Hire recently appeared on a podcast of Battle Buddies, and the two groups will seek additional joint efforts to further their informational services to the veteran community as a part of this partnership.


About Battle Buddies

Started in 2019 as a 501c3 Foundation and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Battle Buddies USA focuses on its mission of “Getting Veterans Back to Work”. With training and support programs, they provide the “ground truth” to Veterans, unfiltered, giving them the skills and opportunities to achieve success. This private social network is hosted on Facebook and has its own website at: https://www.battlebuddiesusa.org/

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