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Training & Job Placement for Veterans & Military Spouses

Mission Wisconsin Logo

Akron, OH – Military Hire, a SaaS Factory company, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with new alliance partner, Mission Wisconsin.


Mission Wisconsin works with employers in Wisconsin and throughout the country that are interested in hiring Veterans and Military Spouses. Mission Wisconsin works directly with transitioning service members, spouses, and Veterans to connect them to their next mission—including employment, educational opportunities, or community connections.


Mission Wisconsin’s services include free transition coaching, resume review and assistance, interview preparation assistance, transition resources, and networking opportunities for service members, veterans, and military spouses. Mission Wisconsin works with employers to augment their current HR and Talent processes to assist them in converting military and veteran talent into successful hires through skills matching, resume translation, and consulting on Veteran Ready best practices.


“A successful transition is all about your network,” said Steve Janke, CEO/Founder of Mission Wisconsin. “We are here to help veterans and their families help build their networks before they need it.”


“Mission Wisconsin mirrors Military Hire’s commitment to training and employment of US veterans and connecting them to leading companies in the US,” said Jeff Finefrock, Chief Marketing Officer of Military Hire. “They help both veterans and employers find each other to mutually benefit the veteran and corporate communities.”


About Mission Wisconsin

Mission Wisconsin aims to assist businesses in attracting, retaining, and developing veteran and spouse talent within their companies and the communities they live in. They are dedicated to serving all military veterans including their spouses and families by connecting them to professional opportunities, resources, and benefits throughout the State of Wisconsin, and beyond.

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