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TechExpo & Military Hire Partner

Military Hire, a holding of The SaaS Factory, signed a partnership agreement with TECHEXPO Top Secret. TECHEXPO is the Nation’s premier producer of professional job fairs, primarily for those with an active Security-Clearance and Cyber Security industry experience.

TechExpoUSA.com is a leading online career center where defense contractors, technology companies, consulting firms, and numerous agencies of the US Government can recruit and hire experienced professionals along with Transitioning Military and Veterans. 

Military Hire and TECHEXPO Top Secret Enter into Partnership Agreement

The team at TECHEXPO also produces the Cyber Security Summit / CyberSummitUSA.com, ranked “Top 50” globally as a must attend security conference. 

Under this exclusive partnership, TECHEXPO events will include promotion of Military Hire and its services. Speaking events on key topics facing veteran communities will cooperatively be hosted by both companies prior to TECHEXPO events. 

As a partner with TECHEXPO, Military Hire will inform its veteran membership of upcoming TECHEXPO hiring events and open House events.  The companies will also coordinate recruiting services to maximize the opportunities for veterans and companies to connect.

Both parties have agreed to form a mutually exclusive partnership. TECHEXPO will be the sole job fair / tradeshow partner of Military Hire. This new collaboration will be featured in nearly 20 shows in the US in 2020.

Mike Fischer, CEO of MilitaryHire, stated: “The missions of Military Hire and TECHEXPO are very complementary. This partnership provides multiple points of connection between U.S veterans entering the workforce through both Military Hire’s online presence as well as TECHEXPO’s in person hiring event presence. We are excited to team with TECHEXPO to further our efforts in serving candidate job search objectives.”

Bradford Rand, Founder & CEO of TECHEXPO Top Secret and the Cyber Security Summit stated: “We have been partnering with Military Hire for nearly 20 years, since the events of 9/11 and have always had a mutually beneficial relationship.  I am extremely pleased that we have now signed a formal agreement that will surely benefit thousands of security-cleared professionals, especially those transitioning out of our armed services by way of helping them secure their next job at our hiring events throughout the country.” 

About Military Hire

Military Hire has created a network where former military personnel can seek careers and utilize their professional skills. Our mission is to “Serve Those Who Served” by connecting veterans of America’s armed forces with employers who value their experience and skills. The Military Hire platform has the resources needed to successfully make a veteran’s initial transition to civilian life and to make any future career change after transition.  

About TECHEXPO Top Secret 

For over 25 years, TECHEXPO has produced hiring events for a multitude of industries with a major focus on Technology, Engineering, Cyber Security, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Intelligence. With over 1,600 events produced, the nation’s most prestigious companies have exhibited at TECHEXPO to recruit leading talent in the industry and have provided hundreds of thousands of professionals new opportunities to advance their careers. TECHEXPO also continues to be the leader in producing private Open House recruitment events for such companies as IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Verizon, Boeing, ManTech, KeyW, AT&T, L-3, General Dynamics, SEI / Carnegie Mellon, Unisys, and  HP. TECHEXPO also produces CyberSummitUSA.com, ranked Top 50 infosec security conferences globally. 


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