Military Hire: Veterans, Resilience, and COVID-19


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Andrew Novak of Military Hire checks in with COO Rob Riegle to hear a message of hope to veterans during these uncertain times. 

Video Transcript:

Military Hire: Veterans, Resilience, and COVID-19

Hi I’m Rob Riegle; I’m the chief operating officer of militaryhire.com.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for watching these short series of videos that we’ve created for you and hopefully we find value in that collectively and hopefully we can find you a job, which is the entire purpose of our organization, thank you.

Andrew: How is the Military Hire team helping veterans during these uncertain times (COVID-19)?

Rob: I mean obviously when you get into times like this, there are certain jobs…you know our nation’s first responders are largely populated by veterans, and you know healthcare organizations that are on the front lines of this battle against coronavirus—a lot of them are  former veterans and learn their trade and their craft in the military.

The engineering that’s required to make the PPE to convert the existing manufacturing base, to supporting the production of PPE like at Ford Motor Company and at GM, companies like that who that are reorganizing their production to battle this effort.

Many of the people that are on the front lines of those efforts are the same ones that are on the front lines of post 9/11 missions for counterterrorism purposes, or Ex-Vietnam veterans or even still, you know, remarkably Korean War veterans that are still in the job force… so veterans are people that are really ready and able to go.

For my veteran friends that are out there, and veteran colleagues you know, I implore you to, like you have in the past, every time there’s been a challenge in your life, make sure that you reach out to your colleagues and make sure that you stay current with them. And if you are feeling like this is creating a burden for you, there are many resources out there and at MilitaryHire, you can go to our landing page and we can redirect you to some veteran crisis programs and those kinds of things.

So you know, just stay alert and try to remain optimistic. Better times are ahead of us.

I’m filming this from my laptop in my home because you know we’re not able to do this in person, but this again is just an indicator of the resiliency of the veteran workforce and population.

Quite frankly, organizations that aren’t taking advantage of the veteran population in hiring terms are doing themselves a great disservice because there are many veterans that are just waiting to help and some of the best employees in the world are our veterans.

A few links to veteran crisis and support programs

VA Support Programs and Services for Veterans
AMVETS Heal Program
Veterans Crisis Line
Military Sisterhood Initiative
Peer support network of and for women of the military.


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