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Veterans Day 2019

Since 1954 Veterans Day has honored all who have served their country through military service. The holiday is always held on the same day without exception unlike other Federal Holidays that are often moved to provide a three-day weekend. November 11 was originally set aside in 1919 to remember those who honored our great nation through their service in World War I and today we honor all who served.

Veterans Day 2019

As a veteran, I want to pass on my personal thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms. As the Chief Operating Officer for MilitaryHire.com, it gives me great pleasure to know that in some small measure we are able to help our military heroes transition from their service to America to a nearly unlimited field of jobs throughout our great country. Over 5000 MilitaryHire customers annually employ 100,000 former military servicemen and servicewomen. I want to thank each of them on this day as well.

Veterans can be counted on to deliver dependable and quality work no matter the profession they serve. Working under stress is inevitable in most jobs and veterans deliver under the most extreme conditions. They always have and always will.

As we remember this day I ask all those who have a veteran peer to thank them for their service. They will humbly express their thanks, but internally they are grateful to those who notice their association to the day. 

Lastly, I want to ask all Americans—veterans and others—to be attentive to any veteran who may appear to be struggling. The cost of service is often not apparent and many veterans place a veil over their anxiety and depression and internalize their struggles to disguise any perceptions of weakness. We are all human and can all fall prey to dark periods in our life that can often be avoided by attentive friends and co-workers. Twenty-two veterans a day take their own lives. This tragic reality can and should be addressed not only on this day which honors them, but every day of our lives.

Thank you,
Robert C. Riegle
COO, MilitaryHire.com

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