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How To Improve A Non-Performing Resume

A non-performing resume is one that has not persuaded a recruiter or an employer to call you for an interview. Or worse, it's a resume posted on the Internet that is ever "found" by hiring managers who conduct computer searches to find job candidates.

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Veteran Transition Timeline – 2 Years Out

jobs for veterans.

If you have two or more years until you transition from the military, here are the steps you should take now to ensure a successful transition. Even if you have less than two years, these steps are important and can be done on a compressed schedule.

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Veteran Transition Timeline – How to Prepare to Transition from the Military

clock calendar sm.jpg

Transitioning from the military can be a complex and challenging process. This timeline helps you sort out what you should be doing and when you should do it.

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When To Use Or Not Use Military Jargon On Your Resume

Including or eliminating military jargon from your resume very much depends on your career goal and the company, organization or industry you are seeking to be employed by.

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How long should a resume be?

Concerned that your resume is too long or too short? Always remember a resume's length is a function of its depth.

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MilitaryHire was awarded the 2015 Weddle's Award!

2015 Weddles award.jpg

MilitaryHire was awarded the 2015 Weddle's Award! This is the 7th time we've won this prestigious award. What's the Weddle's Award you ask? The annual WEDDLE's User's Choice Awards recognize the "elite of the online employment services industry according to the most discerning judges around, that would be you, the job seekers!"

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How To "Really" Use The Web to Get Hired

Successful job hunters merge traditional job-hunting techniques with the Web to get results--fast!

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Interview Preparation – Tactics for Success – Reconnaissance

recon as interview proparation

Veterans would never go outside the wire without preparation but too many do just that when it comes to interviewing for a job. Here is how to how to apply reconnaissance skills to ensure interview success.

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Interview Preparation – Tactics for Success – Rehearsal

Veterans would never go outside the wire without preparation but too many do just that when it comes to interviewing for a job. Here is how you can apply your military training to ensure success in the job interview process.

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What Can Older Workers Do To Get Hired

Though age discrimination is illegal, many older job seekers have trouble landing a job. older exec jobs for veterans.jpgHere's what you can do to land that job in spite of your age.

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How Veterans Get Hired at SolarCity

solar panel technicianAdvice from SolarCity veteran recruiters on how veterans can improve their chance of getting hired.

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Inside SolarCity's Veteran Hiring Initiative

SolarCity has recently launched an ambitious Veteran Hiring Initiative. They need to double their number of employees each year until 2018! This article provides a view from the inside...

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The Top 10 Things Job Seekers Are Doing RIGHT!

Top 10.jpg

The top 10 things job seekers are doing RIGHT!  You so often hear about all the mistakes job candidates are doing wrong.  What are they doing right and how can you do the right things to get you hired now?

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Job Interviews: How Do You Pass Muster?

job interview pic sm.jpgPrepping for a job interview is a multi-step process: Research, Get Ready, Do It, and Follow Up.  Don't skimp on the steps.

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A Veteran Transition Success Story – Army LTC

Silver Oak Leaf

Here is the story of Brian's successful transition to civilian employment after retiring from the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. Keep reading to learn from his success.

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