Military Hire: Memorial Day 2020 Message


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On this Memorial Day, we express our deepest gratitude, respect, and honor to those who have served and their families.  

Video Transcript

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Rob: The purpose of Memorial Day is to honor the sacrifice of people that have fallen on behalf of our freedoms here in the United States of America—for people that have given the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in defense of our country—both in in combat and during peacetime as well.

Having been in the military myself for a number of years and having seen personal sacrifice, for me it’s a time of reflection. It really comes down to trying to honor those that have come before us, who have given the sacrifices of their lives, and for many, you know, paid the ultimate sacrifice. But their families have too.

They’ve been challenged in many ways and so it’s time to honor them honor the people that have fallen but also, honor those they’ve left behind and try to think back and reflect what you can do for those people that have come behind us. We see, for instance, at MilitaryHire.com; our relationship with AMVETS, some of the aftermath of some of the time in service that people have had, and some of the challenges that they face.

As a company we provide services to employ veterans, which is  a very important aspect to it, but then we are also partnered with people who specialize in assisting veterans that are challenged in a variety of ways. 

I try to think of those people at this time too—not just the people that have fallen and the families that have sacrificed as a result of their sacrifice, but also the people that have let been left behind and are challenged in some way and try to think of ways that we can assist them and help repurpose their lives as well.

On this Memorial Day, we want to express our deepest gratitude, respect, and honor to those who have served. 

AMVETS Heal Program


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