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Interview Follow-Up Recommendations

post-interview-follow-up-tips for veterans

You nailed the job interview doing some extensive interview preparation. But what should you do after the interview to seal the deal? The communication after the interview can be just as crucial as the interview itself. Here are some post-interview follow up tips for military veterans that will help you land the job.

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Ask your interviewer what the hiring timeline looks like

This post interview follow-up tip should occur immediately after the interview. Ask your interviewer what the next steps in the interview process look like. Next steps could be secondary interviews that you’ll want to prepare for or a final decision that you should expect in a certain number of days. Either way, this post interview follow-up tip alleviates the stress of the unknown and puts you in the driver’s seat of what your next action should be like gather more materials or follow-up with the interviewer.

Make any relevant notes about the interview

The period of time after an interview is a great time to reflect on your performance. Take the time to jot down any relevant notes you may not have been able to take during the interview about the position or any follow-up materials that the interviewer requested. These notes will help you evaluate your performance and shape future communications.

Send a thank you note

Another post interview tip that you shouldn’t forget- send a thank you note! Personalized thank you notes after the interview shows the interviewer your enthusiasm. In the note, thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet you, reiterate your interest in the position and why your the best candidate, and express your excitement in the next steps. If your handwriting is neat, send a handwritten note. Handwritten notes stand out from the competition and make you more memorable in the long run. Send the thank you email or note within the first twenty-four hours after the interview.

Continue the job search

The biggest mistake that many people make when interviewing for jobs is thinking that the job search ends after a good interview. Unless you are offered the job on the spot, you should continue applying to jobs. This step won’t help secure the job, but it will help you move on after a disappointment if, worst case scenario, the employer decides that you are not the right fit for the position.


You nailed the interview, crafted the perfect thank you note, and have a few more interviews with other companies – now what? The initial response of most people is to follow-up with the interviewer, and this is a good idea. If the interviewer provided a timeline of when you should expect to hear back from them you’re better off waiting for their response. However, if that time has come and gone, you can politely email the employer reiterating your enthusiasm and are that you are excitedly awaiting their response. After this email, sit tight and wait for a response. The quickest way to ruin a potential job offer is to make it seem as if you are desperate rather than enthusiastic for the position.

The time after the interview can influence the final job offer. Follow these post-interview follow up tips for military veterans to increase your likelihood of receiving the job offer! After comes the easy part, determine whether the position is right for you before accepting the job offer.


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