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Transitioning from the Military

clock calendar sm.jpgTransitioning from the military can be a complex and challenging process.  This timeline helps you sort out what you should be doing and when you should do it. 

Transitioning from active duty to a civilian career is different from most other career transitions.  There are few other career transitions where you have a pretty good idea of your transition date several years before hand.  But veterans often have little experience in career transition.  Most have spent the majority of their professional lives in the military.  And regardless of whether you find yourself transitioning after one tour or after thirty years, there are certain steps you should take at certain times to maximize your chances of success. 

This series of articles examines the transition process assuming you do have over one year to complete it.  But if you find yourself closer to transition than that, don’t worry.  Each article discusses how you can modify the steps in a more compressed transition timeline.  You’ve tackled harder challenges in less time during your military career.  If you find yourself a bit behind schedule, you can catch up. 

Veteran Transition Timeline: 2+ years from Transition

Two or more years out, you should do some serious thinking about your future career paths.  What field suits you?  What field is in demand?  What field can you apply skills you have or can you gain the necessary skills before you transition?  Read More at Veteran Transition Timeline – 2 Years Out

Veteran Transition Timeline: 1 year from Transition

One year out you should know what you want to do and have started down the road to ensuring you have the necessary skills to do it.  At this point you should be pursuing (or finishing) and professional certifications or training you might need, preparing your resume, and beginning interview preparation.   Read More at Veteran Transition Timeline – 1 Year Out

Veteran Transition Timeline: 6 months from Transitioning

Six months out, your resume should be ready to go.  You should be continuing your interview preparation to where you are pretty comfortable in an interview setting.  At this point, the detailed research into specific companies hiring in your chosen career field and in the geographic areas you are targeting.  Networking is an important part of this transition.   Read More at Veteran Transition Timeline – 6 Months Out

Veteran Transition Timeline: 3 months from Transitioning

After all this preparation, now it is “go time!”  Three months out is the time to be applying for jobs, interviewing, and attending job fairs.  This is the time that all your preparation pays off.  Read More at Veteran Transition Timeline – 3 Months Out


Three steps to success:

  1. Sign Up. You’ve served your country. Now let us serve you. Sign up now—it’s free, quick, and easy.
  2. Post Your Resume.  Be found by hundreds of veteran friendly companies—post your resume! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect—you can easily update it later!
  3. Search Jobs. Don’t wait for companies to find you. Set up automated Job Scouts to scour our database and notify you of new jobs.