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Tell Me How Your Experience Has Prepared You For This Job

military experience prepares veterans for jobsOne very common question that you can almost be certain will be asked of you goes something like this: "Tell me how your experience has prepared you for this job." It's a broad question and that represents big benefits for you as you prepare for your interviews. Why? Because there are multiple opportunities to tie many aspects of your past experiences to the new position you're interested in.

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Tell Me More About This Item on Your Resume…

One line of questioning that, perhaps surprisingly, often catches job seekers off guard relates to their resume and goes something like this: "I see on your resume that you…could you tell me more about that?"  Don't stumble on this question and fail the interview.

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Interview Question: "How Do You Organize a Complex Assignment?"

In many cases your potential employer will be interested in understanding how you might approach your work tasks as a member of their team. Consequently, you could anticipate a question like: “How do you organize a complex assignment?” The key to answering this question is clearly conveying that even the toughest, or most complex, task would not throw you for a loop and that you would take a reasoned, methodical approach to getting the job done.

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How Do You Answer the Interview Question: "How Do You Handle an Underperforming Team Member?"

When you're interviewing for a job in a supervisory or management role, you can definitely anticipate questions related to how you work with others—and how you oversee the work of others.  Be ready to answer how you handle poor performance.

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How Do You Answer the Interview Question: "How Do You Lead Others?"

interview question how do you lead others

When applying for a position as a supervisor, manager or for any role where you will be responsible for directing the work of others it’s likely that you will be asked the question: “How do you lead others?”

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How Do You Answer the Interview Question: "How Do You Work as a Member of a Team?"

When faced with a question regarding your ability, and comfort level, with working on a team, take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce how your military career has provided you with specific team-building skills above and beyond what other applicants may have experienced.

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How do you answer the interview question, "What was your biggest failure?"

Don't let the job interview question "Tell me about your biggest failure" throw you. Prepare for the question by knowing how to pick a failure, keeping the set up short, and spending most of your time talking about the lessons you learned from the failure.

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Post Interview Follow-Up Tips For Veterans

You nailed the job interview doing some extensive interview preparation. But what should you do after the interview to seal the deal? The communication after the interview can be just as crucial as the interview itself. Here are some post-interview follow up tips for military veterans that will help you land the job.

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"Give an example of a significant accomplishment" A Common Interview question

Give me an example of a significant accomplishmentThe job interview question "Give me an example of a significant accomplishment" will come up.  Know how to talk about your accomplishment in civilian terms, know what you're going to say, and know that you'll be successful.

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How To Prepare for Job Interviews

How to prepare for job interviews

Little in my military service and experience prepared me for the variety, purpose or competitiveness of job interviews. I suspect many other transitioning veterans may feel the same way. But job interviews are at the heart of the hiring decision. So if you want to succeed, you must learn how to prepare for them.

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"Tell Me About Yourself" a Common Interview Question

Tell me about yourself How you answer the question "Tell Me About Yourself" sets the tone for the rest of the interview. The answer to that question can make or break the interview.

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Work from Home Scam with Google Hangouts Interview

Work from home Scam Work from home scams involving interviews over Google Hangouts are on the rise.  These scammers are out to steal thousands of dollars from you.  They can be clever and persuasive.  Don't fall for it.  Read more to learn how these scams work. 

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Climbing the Job Search Ladder

climbing the ladderUnderstanding the job search process as a ladder and knowing how to climb each rung to get to the next is the key to landing the job offer.

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Make a Lasting Impression: What to Wear to an Interview?

Man in suitKnowing what to wear to an interview is important. For transitioning service members, this can really cause a headache. Let’s think about it. One outfit has practically been the main staple in your closet while serving in the military...your duty uniform. The first impression you give to an interviewer, even before you speak, will be preceded by the clothes that you are wearing. It is critical that you take the time to properly research how to dress for the position that you want.

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10 Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Congratulations! You have the job offer in hand. You have spent months perfecting your resume, honing your interview skills, searching and applying for jobs online, and now you have the offer. But should you accept it? You've spent so much time and energy pursuing the job offer, but have you truly considered whether this job is a good fit for you? Here are 10 questions to ask that will give you real insight into the company, the role, and whether it will fit you.

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