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Work from Home Fraud Targets Veterans

Work from Home scam Yesterday, I applied for a job that was being offered as a work from home scam.  Today, the scammers tried to steal $4,950 from me! In this article, I will show you how the scam works. 

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Work from Home Scam with Google Hangouts Interview

Work from home Scam Work from home scams involving interviews over Google Hangouts are on the rise.  These scammers are out to steal thousands of dollars from you.  They can be clever and persuasive.  Don't fall for it.  Read more to learn how these scams work. 

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Climbing the Job Search Ladder

climbing the ladderUnderstanding the job search process as a ladder and knowing how to climb each rung to get to the next is the key to landing the job offer.

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10 Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Congratulations! You have the job offer in hand. You have spent months perfecting your resume, honing your interview skills, searching and applying for jobs online, and now you have the offer. But should you accept it? You've spent so much time and energy pursuing the job offer, but have you truly considered whether this job is a good fit for you? Here are 10 questions to ask that will give you real insight into the company, the role, and whether it will fit you.

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The Consultative Interview Technique

The consultative interview is a technique that lets you show value to the employer immediately.  It can make the difference that lands you the job.

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You are the Target of a Sophisticated Scam

Job seekers everywhere are being targeted by a sophisticated scam. If you are a job seeker, you are a target. Here's how to keep yourself safe.

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How to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

Recruiters have direct connections to hiring managers and often don't get paid unless they find the right candidate for a job. That means recruiters can be a key ally in your job search process.

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Why Did You Leave the Military?

Why did you leave the militaryVeteran job seekers often struggle with the common interview question "Why did you leave the Military." To answer this question well, avoid these common pitfalls while staying true to yourself.

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Want Top Talent? Recruit Veterans

Companies devote significant energy and resources to recruit top talent. Despite their best efforts, they often are unable to fill open positions with talent that truly meets their needs. A sure route to overcoming this challenge is to hire veterans.

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Transition Success Story - Army CPT

The story of how one Army Captain pursued a program of training, certifications, and relevant additional duties to transition from combat arms officer to a career in Information Technology.

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Veteran Transition Timeline - 6 Months Out

Just six months left! You are almost a civilian! Use your last six months in the military wisely by setting yourself up for a successful transition. Follow these steps.

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How To Identify My Accomplishments

jobs for veterans resume interview accomplishments

Success in the job search depends on communicating your accomplishments both in your resume and during the interview. But how do you identify your accomplishments beyond “I did my job and I did it well?”

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Veteran Transition Timeline - 1 Year Out

When you have one year until you transition from the military, here are the steps you should take to ensure success.

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Veteran Transition Timeline – 2 Years Out

jobs for veterans.

If you have two or more years until you transition from the military, here are the steps you should take now to ensure a successful transition. Even if you have less than two years, these steps are important and can be done on a compressed schedule.

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Veteran Transition Timeline – How to Prepare to Transition from the Military

clock calendar sm.jpg

Transitioning from the military can be a complex and challenging process. This timeline helps you sort out what you should be doing and when you should do it.

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