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Veterans Day 2019: Appreciation and Thanks to Veterans from

Since 1954 Veterans Day has honored all who have served their country through military service. The holiday is always held on the same day without exception unlike other Federal Holidays that are often moved to provide a three-day weekend. November 11 was originally set aside in 1919 to remember those who honored our great nation through their service in World War I and today we honor all who served.

Veterans Day 2019

As a veteran, I want to pass on my personal thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms. As the Chief Operating Officer for, it gives me great pleasure to know that in some small measure we are able to help our military heroes transition from their service to America to a nearly unlimited field of jobs throughout our great country. Over 5000 MilitaryHire customers annually employ 100,000 former military servicemen and servicewomen. I want to thank each of them on this day as well.

Veterans can be counted on to deliver dependable and quality work no matter the profession they serve. Working under stress is inevitable in most jobs and veterans deliver under the most extreme conditions. They always have and always will.

As we remember this day I ask all those who have a veteran peer to thank them for their service. They will humbly express their thanks, but internally they are grateful to those who notice their association to the day. 

Lastly, I want to ask all Americans—veterans and others—to be attentive to any veteran who may appear to be struggling. The cost of service is often not apparent and many veterans place a veil over their anxiety and depression and internalize their struggles to disguise any perceptions of weakness. We are all human and can all fall prey to dark periods in our life that can often be avoided by attentive friends and co-workers. Twenty-two veterans a day take their own lives. This tragic reality can and should be addressed not only on this day which honors them, but every day of our lives.

Thank you,
Robert C. Riegle

Veteran Transition Timeline 3 Months Out

ETS job search timeline It may seem hard to believe, but your multi-year transition planning period has already reached the three-month mark! What now? Now is the point where you should start seriously applying for jobs, getting your resume out to potential employers and recruiters, attending job fairs and doing some interviewing.

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Work from Home Fraud Targets Veterans

Work from Home scam Yesterday, I applied for a job that was being offered as a work from home scam.  Today, the scammers tried to steal $4,950 from me! In this article, I will show you how the scam works. 

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Climbing the Job Search Ladder

climbing the ladderUnderstanding the job search process as a ladder and knowing how to climb each rung to get to the next is the key to landing the job offer.

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The Welding Industry and Texas: A Match Made in Heaven

welding jobs for veterans infographic If you're a veteran transitioning back into civilian life, one career option to consider is that of a welder.

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You are the Target of a Sophisticated Scam

Job seekers everywhere are being targeted by a sophisticated scam. If you are a job seeker, you are a target. Here's how to keep yourself safe.

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The Young Veteran's Special: The Key To Getting Hired

Don't be confused about what Employers are looking for.  This article covers how to get noticed by an employer, in other words, the key to getting hired.

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Are Your Salary Expectations In Line With Reality?

salary sm.jpg

Are Your Salary Expectations In Line With Reality? The salary you expect should not be based solely on what you earn now in the U.S. Military. Your future salary could be more or less, depending on a variety of business factors.

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How to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

Recruiters have direct connections to hiring managers and often don't get paid unless they find the right candidate for a job. That means recruiters can be a key ally in your job search process.

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Why Did You Leave the Military?

Why did you leave the militaryVeteran job seekers often struggle with the common interview question "Why did you leave the Military." To answer this question well, avoid these common pitfalls while staying true to yourself.

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Transition Success Story - Army CPT

The story of how one Army Captain pursued a program of training, certifications, and relevant additional duties to transition from combat arms officer to a career in Information Technology.

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Basic Training: The 3C's of Military Career Transitions

Basic training.jpgUse this model to both understand and structure how you prepare for your transition. The model, the 3C's of Military Career Transitions, maps the stages of a transition, credentials, communication , and competition.

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Veteran Transition Timeline - 6 Months Out

Just six months left! You are almost a civilian! Use your last six months in the military wisely by setting yourself up for a successful transition. Follow these steps.

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Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account

If you're looking for a new job, clean up your public Facebook persona first!

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Employers Are Telling You What They Want. Are You Listening?

Employers tell you what they want but you must read and listen to what they are saying. And sometimes employers tell you point blank how they are searching for job candidates. They list their search keywords right in the job ad!

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