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Why You Must Fine-Tune Your Job Hunt

fish photo submitted by SArguillo.jpg The need to fine tune your job search strategy to 'catch' the right job.

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How To Create A Persuasive Resume

 Most resumes of veterans are a complete statement of their military experience. And that is the problem: their resumes are so detailed that the reader feels overwhelmed. The sheer volume of facts obscures the meaning of those facts. Without meaning, there is no persuasion. If your resume is not persuasive, employers will not be interested enough to call you for an interview.

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How Geography Plays A Role In Your Job Hunt Part 1

There's no question that geography plays a role in job hunting. You can play it to your advantage by taking the time to learn the local economic "lay of the land."

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How Geography Plays A Role In Your Job Hunt Part 2: Reader Stories and Feedback

Part 1 of this series on how relocation issues play a role in a veteran's job hunt generated intense reader feedback. Here are their stories.

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On The Road Again

Willie Nelson's song On the Road Again has a special meaning for me. Whenever I hear it, I think of my Navy days. Everytime we left port, cleared the harbor, and entered open seas, the song was piped throughout the ship. The song was my ship's breakway song. What is your job hunt's breakway song?

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A Formula for Job Hunting Success

  Job-hunting success is more complex than simply writing a resume or improving your interviewing techniques. Your success depends not only on your objective credentials and experience but their relative strength in a competitive field of qualified candidates.

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