We support customers at nearly 200 facilities, including onsite locations, reverse logistics centers, and sorting centers. We process more than 355,000 trailers and handle over 350 million pallets and 125 million reusable containers annually.

Whether they operate in the retail, food services, e-commerce, or manufacturing industries, Relogistics is dedicated to providing its customers with efficient, tailored, cost-saving pallet and labor management services, including:

·  Unloading and Loading


·  Trailer Stripping


·  Pallet Management, Sorting, and Repair


·  Container Management, Sorting, and Washing


·  Reverse Logistics


·  Labor and Safety Procedures


·  Pallet and Container Tracking and Reporting

We recognize and value the unique skills, contributions, and experience that military veterans bring to our workforce of more than 2,100 employees. Whether you have an interest in Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations Management, or are looking for an administrative role in our corporate offices in Houston, Texas, we want to hear from you.