Thank You For Your Service

First…and certainly foremost, thank you for your service to the USA and your fight for our Freedoms. You have served our country by exhibiting the traits of courage, tenacity, character, and comradery…now it’s time for those traits to serve you.


Here at the Mathews Agency of Symmetry Financial Group, we have found that those same characteristics are a common thread with our most successful Agents and Agencies.

It's about IMPACT

The Mathews Agency, in a Direct Partnership with Quality Holdings and Symmetry Financial Group, is a direct-to-consumer provider of financial services, Life insurance, Retirement solutions, Mortgage Protection, and Debt Elimination products.



We are committed to helping families and individuals protect what matters most while simultaneously providing an award-winning work-from-home business platform. This allows you to continue making an impact, capture both time and money, while achieving your ideal work-life balance.


Are you a veteran who qualifies for the GI Bill (90 days or more of service)? If so, you are eligible to receive up to $2,000 reimbursement for your Producer’s license state exam fee and possible associated fees!


Veterans who qualify may also transfer any unused portion of their GI Bill to a spouse!



To learn more visit www.va.gov/education




Own Your Career With
The Mathews Agency - SFG

Here, we each appreciate the benefits of freedom, control, and flexibility without the usual headaches and hurdles that typically accompany business ownership. Instead, we get to enjoy the benefits of being in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. Thanks to a nearly non-existent financial barrier-to-entry, a proven system driven model, our value-based leads program, and best-in-class training, our agents are excited about their futures.

Our Culture & Core Values Separates Us From The Rest

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” says SFG Founders Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison…“and it’s even better when you have both!”

When we refer to culture, we mean the who we are behind the what we do and the how we do it. Tethering our agents to shared values, tools for success and philanthropic efforts creates not only whole-hearted people but also a whole-hearted culture destined to thrive.

“A culture of support breeds success.”

When you believe in a top-down philosophy of a pay-it-forward mindset, the result is that nearly 80% of those that have success here did not come from an insurance background.

The Mission

Our Mission and our goal is to ignite your true passion and purpose. We do this by providing a systematic approach of guidance and support and providing an environment that fosters personal growth and leadership development.

With our unprecedented award-winning growth, culture, and comradery, our ultimate vision is to help you to see and fulfill your full potential to

live a life of unlimited choices.

SFG and the Mathews Agency is…The place to ignite your passion and nourish your soul!”