MilitaryHire positioned to help Veterans find employment in the defense sector

Why MilitaryHire?

MilitaryHire has a large population of skilled Veterans trained in the technologies and skills needed by the defense sector.  Likewise there are a number of companies looking for workers with these skills, and the training Veterans receive in the military produce the top candidates in today’s marketplace.



If you are looking for disciplined and highly trained business employees which are highly trained in leadership and process efficiency, or if you are a Veteran with those skills, MilitaryHire is the place for you to connect.

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Foreign Disclosure Representative
Border Patrol Agent opportunities now available on the Northern Border!
Project manager, systems engineer, cybersecurity specialist, information systems analyst, software developer big data, IT Systems administrator, Senior Wargame Planner positions
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Cyber Sercurity Analyst, Equipment Maintenance Supervisor, Sr. Maintenance Technician, Sr. IT Support Technician, Ammunition Handler, HR Director, Civil Engineer, Procurement Specialist and many more positions
Electronic Warfare Analyst; Backend Software Engineer, CWMD Information Operations Planner, Civil Affairs Analyst, Senior Proposal Manager
Business/Management postions
Field Service Tech (Force Provider) positions
Submarine signatures expert, Logistics representative, Lead IT architect, Navy logistics analyst, submarine program analyst, Navy qualified validator and more