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Owings Mills
United States

Job Description:

This is a software engineering job to develop and implement front-end and back-endAPIs to support product development goals. The full-stack developer knows howto code in HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and UI framework such as Angular, Ember orReact, as well as develop and work with API gateways, data caching, circuitbreakers, authorization frameworks, and integration with external APIs. The APIEngineer will work as part of a team of analysts, front-end developers andother API engineers to implement back-end interfaces.


Ability to solve problems while considering timeliness,effectiveness, and practicality in addressing product needs

Ability to implement restful APIs using any of thefollowing- Node, Python, Go (golang), R-Rails, Java

Ability to implement data caching, cache miss to access andupdate data

Ability to implement concurrent processing

Ability to implement metrics to telemetry

Ability to work with API Gateways

Ability to work within a microservices architecture,including registration and discovery, circuit breakers and data access

Ability to develop scalable and fault tolerant APIs

Ability to work with API authorization specifications, suchas OAuth

Ability to work with no-sql data solutions, such asCassandra or MongoDB

Ability to work with sql data solutions, such asPostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle

Possess a strong attention to detail

Demonstrate flexibility in day-to-day work

Demonstrate strong collaboration and inter-team skills-ability to listen and consider input from team members


Participate in product discussions with the product owner, users,and the development team to understand and refine acceptance criteria andestimate user stories

Work closely with the development team to develop secure,fault-tolerant and scalable APIs

Work closely with other back-end API engineers to integratewith external enterprise systems

Refactor APIs to support changes in product requirements

Work in an agile environment, delivering incrementalproduct functionality in short iterations

Develop and maintain an automated test suite for APIfunctionality

Generate API specifications

Lead or work with the technical lead to develop APIstandards and guides for the development team

Work in an agile environment, delivering incrementalproduct functionality in short iterations


Experience developing and implementing restful APIs,working within a product development team

Experience with back-end coding in one or more of thefollowing- Node, Go (golang), or Java

Experience with data persistence integration: no-sql(Cassandra, MongoDB) or sql (PostgreSQL, MySQL)

Experience with an authentication framework such as OAuthis preferred, but not mandatory (we can teach you)

Experience with a microservices framework is preferred, butnot mandatory (we can teach you)

Passion for developing APIs and understands that softwareis ?soft? and easy to build and refactor



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