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United States


? Provides disciplined leadership including setting clear expectations and holding the team and self accountable for results.
? Adheres to the Assistant Store Manager scheduling requirements (weekly exceptions must be approved by the Store Manager)
o 95% of time spent on the sales floor
o Minimum of 2 nights per week
o Minimum of 2 weekends per month scheduled during peak hours (e.g., Friday night, Saturday mid-day through evening, Sunday)
? Follows the weekly Playbook process to develop and prioritize action plans with timely follow up.
? Inspects departments and consults with associates daily to identify opportunities and develop and prioritize action plans with timely follow up.
? Executes customer focused strategies, policies and programs as measured by Customer Satisfaction Survey data and verbatim comments.
? Selects, develops and manages performance of individuals and team, measured by appropriate performance reports/scorecards/dashboards.
? Attracts, hires and on-boards store staff as measured by appropriate performance scorecard, retention and new hire survey results.
? Executes the client?s (brand/business) plan consistently across departments and provide ongoing fact based feedback to Store Manager and appropriate business including competitive intelligence.
? Ensures consistent delivery of acceptable compliance scores as measured by the Standards Based Store Visit & Client Commitment tools, including effective store wide completion of:
o Merchandise, receipt, flow to floor and stockroom processes.
o Total controllable cost vs. plan/trend
o Warehouse and stockroom management (RTV, VOM, Discontinued Merchandise)
o Multi-Channel processes and associate participation (Fusion, Store to Web, Merchandise Pick Up, Ready in Five)
o Point of Sale, credit applications and opportunities
o Brand standards and facilities maintenance
o Safety, inventory and shrink controls (merchandise protection and safety standards/processes)
o Staffing, employment compliance, retention
o Scheduling (LRQs scheduled/worked and actual vs. earned hours)
o Training completion and associate role playing
o Employee communication and recognition
? Focuses and invest time on customer facing activities and operational processes.
? Ensures the department is ?Location Certified? and every associate is ?Role Certified? to do his/her job.
? Monitors and proactively addresses outliers in customer satisfaction, sales, profit margin, operational processes, and compliance against plan or established standards.
? Embeds the Company return policy and Pledge of Fairness.


? Expects and inspects core processes and ?clean and bright? standards.
? Expects and inspects execution of clients? merchandising and operating plans.
? Provides first person coaching and leadership on the execution of action plans based on the weekly Playbook process, daily department walks, Customer Satisfaction Survey learnings, customer verbatims, and customer/associate interactions.
? Is the customer advocate and surface opportunities to improve the end to end customer experience.
? Teaches, models and leads ways to satisfy customers, find ways to say yes, e.g., helpful associates, complaint resolution, Store to Web.

Leadership/People Oriented:

? Personally supports, coaches and develops team members across all brand departments by creating an environment where our associates can be successful.
? Facilitates dialogue between front-line associates and the store leadership team.
? Focuses the entrepreneurial energy of the team on delivering over the top customer service and associate pride.
? Leads and embeds all Retail Services plans/projects using common enterprise-wide tools, processes and language. (No store programs.)
? Creates and maintains a culture of winning that resonates with associates.

Process Thinking:

? Rigorously inspect compliance with our operating model for consistency around operations processes and procedures.
? Executes and supports the client?s plan utilizing outlier reporting, scorecards and standardized reporting.

Effectiveness/Attains Results:

? Leads and monitors store level margin drivers, e.g., solution selling, accessory attachment rate, inactive inventory, price change execution.
? Achieves all miscellaneous income plans e.g., smart plans, protection agreements, new account generation.
? Achieves controllable cost plans relative to department and identify and communicate continuous improvement opportunities to associates and teams.
? Communicates opportunities and solutions that will allow clients to meet/exceed profit plans.

Effective Decision Making:

? Provides Store Manager with fact based, real time feedback on the product life cycle including assortment, pricing, inventory flow, marketing support, transition/exit strategies, etc. in order to highlight opportunities for clients.
? Utilizes quantitative and qualitative data to measure and achieve desired outcomes and address outlier opportunities.
? Consistently provides a sense of urgency to maintain standards while obtaining associate buy-in.


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