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  • ConAgra is hiring veterans
  • CGI has jobs for military veterans
  • Hexagon Metrology has jobs for veterans
  • Military friendly jobs at Sears Holdings

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Welcome to MilitaryHire!

Welcome to Your military hiring network. This site has been developed and is maintained by a team of both military veterans and corporate hiring authorities. We have worked hard to create a network where former military personnel can seek careers and utilize their professional skills.

Our mission is to "Serve Those Who Served" by connecting veterans of America's armed forces with employers who value their experience and skills.

Jobs for Veterans

MilitaryHire has jobs for veterans across the U.S. and around the world. We have tens of thousands of jobs with hundreds of veteran friendly companies. Each MilitaryHire company is eager to hire vets and has chosen to list their jobs on MilitaryHire to meet that goal. All you have to do to is sign up to search our vast database of jobs for veterans. Don't forget to post your resume too!

Why Did You Leave the Military?

why did you leave the military

Veteran job seekers often struggle with the common interview question "Why did you leave the Military." To answer this question well, avoid these common pitfalls while staying true to yourself.

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Want Top Talent? Recruit Veterans

Want Top Talent? Hire Veterans

Companies devote significant energy and resources to recruit top talent. Despite their best efforts, they often are unable to fill open positions with talent that truly meets their needs. A sure route to overcoming this challenge is to hire veterans.

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Transition Success Story - Army CPT

jobs for veterans - transition success story

The story of how one Army Captain pursued a program of training, certifications, and relevant additional duties to transition from combat arms officer to a career in Information Technology.

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Veteran Transition Timeline - 6 Months Out

jobs for veterans - military transition help

Just six months left! You are almost a civilian! Use your last six months in the military wisely by setting yourself up for a successful transition. Follow these steps.

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Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account

Social media job search

If you're looking for a new job, clean up your public Facebook persona first!

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The Title of your Resume IS IMPORTANT!

jobs for veterans - military resumes

The title of your Resume guarantees whether it gets viewed or not. Make sure you've carefully crafted your resume's name to include your experience and what kind of job you are looking for. This will help ensure that the job you want is yours.

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How To Identify My Accomplishments

resume and interview preparation

Success in the job search depends on communicating your accomplishments both in your resume and during the interview. But how do you identify your accomplishments beyond "I did my job and I did it well?"

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Interview Preparation — Tactics for Success — Reconnaissance

Interview preparation for vets

Veterans would never go outside the wire without preparation but too many do just that when it comes to interviewing for a job. Here is how to how to apply reconnaissance skills to ensure interview success.

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Interview Preparation — Tactics for Success — Rehearsal

Interview preparation for vets

Veterans would never go outside the wire without preparation but too many do just that when it comes to interviewing for a job. Here is how you can apply your military training to ensure success in the job interview process.

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Called Out for Military Jargon in my Resume

military veteran resume writing

I was recently called out for too much military jargon in my resume. Here is how I fixed it and how you can fix your resume.

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TECHEXPO Top Secret Career Fairs

The next TECHEXPO Top Secret Career Fairs will be:

  • 12 MAY 2015, Tysons Corner, VA, - Security Clearance Is REQUIRED
  • 19 MAY 2015, Baltimore, MD - Linthicum Heights -Security Clearance Is REQUIRED
    to register contact

An active security clearance is required to attend. Don't miss the opportunity to meet dozens of employers hiring for positions nationwide. Job listings, pre-registration, & full schedule of job fairs on

Fort Leonard Wood Transition Summit

6 MAY 2015, 1000-1600
Nutter Field House
6836 Iowa Ave, Bldg 1067
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Fort Drum SFL-TAP Career Fair

14 May 2015, 1000-1400
The Commons
4350 Euphrates River Valley Road
Fort Drum, NY 13602
POC: Lorrie Guler, Transiton Services Manager, [email protected], (315) 772-3284

Fort Hood SFL: TAP Triannual Mega Spring Job Fair

20 MAY 2015, 1000-1500
Club Hood Catering & Conference Center
Building 5764
Ft. Hood, Texas
POC: Robert Schumacher; [email protected]; 254-288-0827

Hunter AAF-Spring Job Fair

21 May 2015, 1000-1400
Tominac Fitness Center
314 Billy Mitchell Blvd
Bldg 919
Hunter AAF, GA
POC: Kathleen Heneise, [email protected]

Fort Carson- Military Veterans Employment EXPO

22 May 2015, 1000-1400
Freedom Finacial Center
N. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO
POC: Lyle Dickason [email protected]

Fort Bragg Employer Day

27 May 2015, 0900-1400
Soldier Support Center Building 4
2843 Normandy Drive
1st Floor, Media Room 1-F-1
Fort Bragg, NC 28310
POC: Maurice B. Medley, [email protected], 910-907-4571

Fort Polk Job Fair

27 May 2015, 1000-1300
7438 California Ave.
Bldg 4275
Fort Polk, La. 71403
POC: Tami Culbreath, [email protected], 337-531-1594

Fort Knox SFL-TAP Employer Day

6 May 2015, 13 May 2015, 20 May 2015 1000-1200
Basement, Building 1378
70 Pershing Dr.
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fort Campbell Weekly Job Fair

6 May 2015, 13 May 2015, 20 May 2015 0900-1500
Soldier For Life Center
5661 Screaming Eagle Blvd.
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
POC: Sean Solorzano 270-798-6507

Fort Bliss-Soldier for Life: TAP Mini Career Fair

7 May 2015, 14 May 2015, 21 May 2015 0800-1300
Fort Bliss, SFL-TAP Center
Bldg. 503A, 1st Floor Open Area
Pershing Road
Fort Bliss, TX
POC: Zulemma Carranza, M.A./LNO 915-568-4210