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Joining the military was probably one of the biggest life changes you ever experienced. Now that you've been in for a while, you may be looking to further your education. No matter where you started, you're smarter, more reliable, and more knowledgeable now. Be it that you are getting out of the military, or are interested in advancing your career in the military, furthering your education can never hurt you, and a formal education can only add to your marketability. While in the military a college education can help you get a promotion.

Many people know that they intend to get out of the military at some point and take the time while they're in the military to begin working on a degree. With the advent of the internet, this is much easier for military members. You can register for and attend classes online, when you have time. You aren't constrained to the times the classes are offered, nor are you hampered by field time. Once out of the military, a college education can give creditability to the skills you learned in the military and increase your earning potential and access to civilian jobs.

MilitaryHire.com would like to encourage each of you to explore the options you have when looking to further your education. The following pages offer information on schools that are able and interested in working with military members to further their education. Each of these schools is accredited to award real degrees in your chosen field of study. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the school of your choice or us here at MilitaryHire.com.