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ARCENT G-4 JOPES Mananager

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Camp Arifjan

Joint Operations Plans and Execution System (JOPES) Technical Support Manager: The performance of this service requires a minimum of five years of experience in operational and contingency planning, and a minimum of two years of experience utilizing the JOPES and in obtaining, creating, refining, and updating Time-Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD). This position will be located in the ARCENT G-4 Mobility Division JOPES Branch. The JOPES Technical Support Manager shall:
? Provide operational JOPES technical support.
? Be directly involved in the ongoing deployment and redeployment planning and execution associated with OEF, and with other long term, deliberate, and contingency planning requirements.
? Coordinate, execute, and track all JOPES functions supporting the development, analysis, and movement of Army forces to, from, and within the USCENTCOM AOR.
? Assist the Afghanistan Joint Task Force (JTF) and other organizations in coordination and resolution of JOPES issues related to operations in Afghanistan.
? Create, update, and maintain operational TPFDDs for OEF and for other contingency requirements, as required.
? Execute all changes to TPFDD data during planning, sourcing, refinement, and validation, including Force Module Development.
? Review and make refinements to OEF movement data on any of the active operational or planning TPFDDs.
? Build new planning TPFDDs as required.
? Attend TPFDD Conferences at Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), Scott Air Force Base (AFB) as required.
? Build Unit Line Numbers for all deployment, redeployment, and rotation Requirements, and project and construct level IV data for force flow modeling.
? Monitor and provide in-transit visibility (ITV) of deploying/redeploying forces, equipment, and sustainment and provide status reports on a daily and weekly basis.
? Assist with research on the deployment status of units from home station to final destination.
? Assist with refinement of existing requirements and addition of new requirements to current OEF Process Controls for Industry (PID).
? Assist in the creation of the daily USARCENT G-4 JOPES Newsgroup validation message and its transmission to USCENTCOM. Information is
gathered from Forces Command (FORSCOM), USARCENT staff officers, and CFLCC Forward concerning validation of units that are ready for deployment, units with issues in meeting their movement schedules, and/or units requiring adjustment of their Level IV TPFDD data.
? Monitor the USCENTCOM Operational Newsgroup for official deployment guidance, information, and requirements from TRANSCOM, USCENTCOM, Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), and force providers. Download information from the newsgroup as slides or background data to support USARCENT Operational Planning Group (OPG) staff officers in planning the deployment/redeployment flow to/from the AOR.
? Provide analysis, assessments, and courses of action recommendations on military operations in the USARCENT AOR that directly impact ongoing synchronized deployment, redeployment, Joint Reception Staging Onward Movement (JRSO), and sustainment of USARCENT/CFLCC forces during OEF.
? Minimum Requirements: Proficient in the use of the following ITV systems: TPFDD, GTN, Defense Transportation Network (DTN), and Single Mobility System (SMS). Current Secret security clearance is required.

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Leon Parker, III

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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