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Military Hire Announces new Small Business Grant Program

In these times where candidates are in strong demand, small businesses need every edge they can get. MilitaryHire is pleased to announce its new Small Business Grant Program. This program is open to companies of under 100 employees and provides grants of 25% off our membership plans with terms of at least 3 months or more. Save money, and hire your new best employee – a veteran! To apply, simply contact us by clicking here.

Who We Serve

MilitaryHire is your preferred military hiring network. Our mission is to “Serve Those Who Served.” We connect current soldiers and Veterans of America’s armed forces, military spouses and family members with employers who value the experience and skills that military service encompasses.  We serve all branches of the Military, their reserve units and National Guard. 

What We Offer

MilitaryHire works to match the skills of the U.S. Veteran with the needs of today’s employers.  We are a comprehensive resource for both U.S. Veteran job seekers and employers. In cooperation with our alliance partners, job seekers are helped at all stages of their career. Resume writing, job search and placement, interviewing skills, and mental health and wellness services are offered to Veterans at no cost through our partners.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit:  The WOTC is a federal tax credit available to employers who invest in American job seekers who have consistently faced barriers to employment, including US Veterans. Employers may meet their business needs and claim a tax credit if they hire an individual who is in a WOTC targeted group. Employers must apply for and receive a certification verifying the new hire is a member of a targeted group before they can claim the tax credit. After the required certification is secured, taxable employers claim the WOTC as a general business credit against their income taxes, and tax exempt employers claim the WOTC against their payroll taxes. 


Benefits to Employers:  The credit available ranges from $2,400 up to $9,600, depending on the targeted group and qualified wages paid to the new employee generally during the first year of employment. Generally, the credit is 40% of qualified first-year wages for individuals who work 400+ hours in their first year of employment.


How Can Employers Get Started With WOTC:  Learn how to file a certification request by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor WOTC website at View eligibility criteria for WOTC targeted groups in the WOTC Desk Aid, or visit the IRS website at


Source:  U.S. Department of Labor

Employer Spotlight: Aflac

Learn more about our valued customer, Aflac, and what they are doing to hire Veterans by clicking here !

Employer Spotlight: Bayer

Learn more about our valued customer, Bayer, and what they are doing to hire Veterans by clicking here !

Corporate Customer Testimonials

“I wanted to share how pleased we already are with the caliber of candidate provided by your services as our new partner in Talent Acquisition. In just two weeks’ time we have received more directly qualified candidates for our niche positions than we’ve seen over a period of months with other paid resources combined. Louis Berger Services is excited for what the future holds with Military Hire.”

– Chandon Galpin, Talent Acquisition, Louis Berger Services


“MilitaryHire has served us well over the years and continuing to be a valuable too”

– Rogers Stinson, COO, Logistics Associates


Saxton Bradley attended a virtual job fair today hosted by The event was well attended and the US veterans seeking employment were well prepared and eager to hear about job opportunities. After a dearth of recruitment attempts, it was encouraging to meet such polite and inquisitive people.  Helping these selfless Americans transition from serving our country to earning a fair wage for their contribution to society is an honor. I can only imagine how many US companies will benefit from their discipline, expertise, and respect.”

 -Andrew Woodcock, Saxton Bradley

The MilitaryHire Advantage

MilitaryHire is on a mission to serve! Job seekers and employers have specific advantages when choosing MilitaryHire. We provide support and services for ex-military service members, military spouses and family members to find that next great job at any stage of their career. For employers and recruiters: We are committed to helping you find the top talent that truly meets your needs. Our personalized recruiting services, flexible programs, and continuous improvement initiatives ensure that we are a strategic and preferred partner for companies seeking to hire veterans.

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