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MilitaryHire positioned to help Veterans find employment in trucking and logistics where there is a shortage of candidates for open positions

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 Why MilitaryHire?

Task Force Movement: Life Cycle Pathways for Veterans and Military to Trucking and Cyber Security (TFM) announced a new partnership with Military Hire, an organization dedicated to connecting veterans with employers. Task Force Movement has already assisted hundreds of veterans, transitioning service members, and their families with obtaining training and credentials to secure employment in the civilian trucking and cybersecurity sectors.

Veterans: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers program for military driver exemption from CDL knowledge test

The Even Exchange Program (Knowledge Test Waiver)  program allows qualified military drivers to be exempt from the knowledge test for obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL)When used with the Military Skills Test Waiver, this allows a driver to exchange a military license for a CDL. Military personnel can use this skills test waiver if currently licensed and are or were employed within the past year (12 months) in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle.   To qualify for this program, military personnel should have one of the below military occupational specialty or occupational classification:

U.S. Army:                    

  • 88M – Motor Transport Operator
  • 92F – Fueler 
  • 14T – Patriot Launching Station Operator 

U.S. Marine Corps:     

  • 3531 – Motor Vehicle Operator

U.S. Navy:                     

  • EO – Equipment Operator 

U.S. Air Force:            

  • 2TI – Vehicle Operator 
  • 2FO – Fueler
  • 3E2 – Pavement and Construction Equipment Operator  

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations (49 CFR 383.77) establish the minimum standards that each State agency must follow in administrating the program, each State may have a different form and application process. Contact your State Driver License Agency to learn more.   



States currently participating include:  

Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, North Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina, Idaho, Georgia, New Mexico, Kentucky, West Virginia , California, Iowa, Minnesota,  and Texas


States which have indicated they are working on implementation include:  

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming

About MilitaryHire & the TFM Program

This new partnership will help the Task Force facilitate employment on Military Hire’s website, which connects employers with veterans who have matching skills and emphasizes the value of hiring veterans. “This new partnership will help us efficiently connect even more veterans with good-paying jobs in the private sector,” said Task Force Chairman Patrick J. Murphy. “Thousands of employers rely on Military Hire’s database to find qualified and trustworthy candidates for open positions. We look forward to increasing our job placements for veterans with their help.” 


“MilitaryHire is excited to be a part of this initiative with the Task Force Movement and the broader team it has assembled. This partnership will initially address two of the country’s most pressing skilled-candidate needs – logistics and cyber security workers. These needs will be met with what we consider the best trained candidates in the world – Veterans of the United States military,” said Jeff Finefrock,CEO, MilitaryHire. “Our focus in this partnership will bridge the path connecting Veterans to companies which covet their skills and discipline. We will then connect Veterans and employers to the TFM team’s solutions in skills assessment, training, education, apprenticeships and a full array of Veteran services. This will be a full-circle solution for Veterans and employers”

More about Task Force Movement

Since its inception, TFM has connected hundreds of veterans, transitioning service members and their immediate family members with careers in the trucking industry by establishing public-private partnerships with independent companies and training organizations. These efforts include both facilitating the direct hiring of veterans as well as connecting veterans with training and certification opportunities. TFM Trucking plans to offer the Administration a final report regarding its progress in November of 2022 TFM Cybersecurity will offer the same platform to the Administration after short and long term convening sessions with industry stakeholders.

Other members of Task Force Movement

Task Force Movement is led by Chairman Patrick J. Murphy and includes the following steering committee members: Cassie Byard (Minority Veterans of America), Elizabeth Murray-Belcaster (EMB Consultants) Daniel Kunze, (ServiceNow) Sarah Amico (Jack Cooper Transport), MaCherie Dunbar (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Joe Sharpe ( American Legion) Bill Sullivan (American Trucking Associations), Joe Sharpe (American Legion), Ryan Streblow (National Tank Truck Carriers), James Fitzgerald (NYC Vets Alliance), Joe Chenelly (AMVETS), Dean Thomas (Government Relations and Systems Expert) Jason Altmire ( Career Education Colleges and Universities) Steve Gonzalez (Career Education Colleges and Universities) Brandon McPherson ( National Infrastructure Accelerator Alliance (NIAA) Lisa Lutz (Solutions for Information Designs (SOLID) ) Sam Whitehurst (Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, Nikki Mc David (DOT) Kimberley Mitchell (VA) MSG Lorena Wilson (US Army Soldier for Life) Rob Sandlin (Florida Rock and Tank)