American Corporate Partners

ACP Helps Veterans and Spouses Find Their Next Careers

American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a national nonprofit organization focused on helping transitioning service members, returning veterans and active duty spouses find their next careers through one-on-one mentoring, networking and career advice. ACP partners with more than 100 leading companies to directly connect service members, veterans and spouses with business leaders who have volunteered to share career guidance. More than 20,000 veterans have successfully completed their ACP mentorships. 

ACP focuses on meaningful employment opportunities for veterans. In 2020, the average starting salary for veterans who gained employment during their ACP mentorships was more than $86,000. ACP mentorships help veterans explore career options and industries to ensure a strong fit between the veteran and the job, and as a result, 86% of veterans who secured employment during their experience with ACP are still at their same company one year later, well above the national average. 
ACP’s flagship veteran mentoring program connects veterans and active duty spouses with volunteer mentors from America’s top companies for a one-on-one, yearlong customized experience. Pairs are carefully selected by ACP staff based on career fit, experience level, personality fit and other preferences. Pairs meet virtually for a monthly mentoring session, and ACP staff facilitates each mentorship to provide tailored resources and guidance through the year.
Veterans gain exposure to different industries, build a professional network, enhance their résumé and interview skills and can take part in ACP’s virtual event series which features leaders from Fortune 500 companies discussing career opportunities and tips for getting hired.

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ACP’s Women’s Program launched in 2016 and connects female veterans with business leaders and entrepreneurs for enhanced, one-on-one mentorship opportunities. 
Participants have exclusive access to monthly professional development workshops which connect veterans to other women veterans, as well as leaders in Corporate America who speak on topics like leadership, work-life balance, corporate communication, and executive presence.

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