Our top priority: Helping veterans and employers achieve employment success

We love to hear about your success on MilitaryHire.com! Helping veterans who are looking for employment is our top priority. Our employers know that veterans can get the job done like no others. We enjoy watching them hire experienced veterans and continually be amazed and impressed by the quality people they get. If you have a success story to share with us, please send it to help@militaryhire.com

" I never officially got around to this until now. I am a 12 year army veteran and was looking for a project management position for years. I tried and tried and couldn't find anything. Through the past several years and I occasionally try again and then give up. Last May, I attended a military hire Job Fair and talked one on one with two recruiters. After applying to both, I was given an interview, and eventually job with Leonardo DRS, an aerospace company as a program analyst under their project management team. I was beyond thrilled and grateful for the opportunity as well as military hire for providing the necessary avenue for me to attain this job. Your system works! Thank you all so much. It goes to show that if you keep trying and get some help from organizations that are there to help, good things can happen! Thank you all and God bless. (I was hired in July and it's now September and I'm still loving my job!)

Gabriel G., Job Seeker

"I found the resources available very beneficial; the online tools, sites, resume reviews, etc., all went towards my success in finding my new position. I appreciate the assistance afforded to me by MilitaryHire."

Kevin L., Job Seeker

"The Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (AAM) upskills veterans in advanced manufacturing technologies, and provides employment opportunities upon successful graduation. MilitaryHire accelerated our recruiting capabilities as we seek veterans with a specific skill set. The tool is easy to use and attracts qualified candidates. We have enjoyed our partnership and look forward to helping veterans achieve employment success together!"

Annie Gramann, Program Manager

"Thank you for helping those of us seeking employment with such a great tool/platform to reach employers that we wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to engage."

Miranda R., Army, Job Seeker

"MilitaryHire has helped our organization find military veterans to participate in paid market research studies designed to help guide decision-making for military-focused organizations. Our advertising campaigns with MilitaryHire (in particular the email campaigns), have played a key role in the success of our research projects. We’ve truly enjoyed working with their team and look forward to using them as a continued resource in the future!"

Erin Bradley, Senior Research Manager
(Elevated Insights)

“Our recruiting efforts from May ‘20 to January ‘21 within MilitaryHire account for approximately 22% of all recruiting streams. We do anticipate this to increase this year as we are starting to use this as a primary source of recruiting and now have the operating procedures in place to document these referrals. From 5/1/2020 until present – We have provided services that resulted in gainful employment for those recruited from MilitaryHire platforms for 44 Veterans.”

L. Banter
(Operation: Job Ready Veterans)

"Thanks to my ability to post my resume on MilitaryHire, I have received numerous employment opportunities for both overseas and stateside locations. I would and do recommend the MilitaryHire jobsite to all military service and prior service personnel."

Military Veteran Job Seeker

"Your website is so user friendly, and makes it so easy to post and advertise positions. Also, your customer service is great, so responsive. If I have a question, or a need I get a response very quickly. I really like working with MilitaryHire.

Meredith Loyd
Human Resources, SoBran Inc.

“The MilitaryHire Team has been a huge help to me and my recruiting team. We had a challenging proposal to get out in just a few days and helped me navigate MilitaryHire’s Database to get us several qualified candidates. The team is friendly, helpful and there for customers. ”

Shaw Skurnick

"I for one would like to take the time to thank you very much for making it possible for vets like myself to use your services (militaryhire.com). I have been able to obtain employment in a fraction of the time, other than looking on the individual web sites.

MilitaryHire is an exceptional website and it is talked about by many of my colleagues as "the primary location to obtain contract employment."

Good Job...Well Done. Thanks again.
Walter Melzer

"Thank You, to the MilitaryHire staff. I posted my resume and was interviewed by more than 4 employers and I was hired from a company they recommended. Their efforts were paramount in my successful hiring and after 1 year I have been promoted to Division Superintendent, which I want to say HOOAH to MilitaryHire for giving me the recommendation. MilitaryHire is an exceptional tool for military retirees and those who ETS"

LaMon T. Miller
Retired NCO, U.S. Army

"Just wanted to say thanks to all my friends at MilitaryHire.com. I posted my resume with you some months ago. An excellent company for ex military and law enforcement personnel - contacted me, trained me, gave me an excellent job as an armed security officer with great pay and benefits and a great bunch of people to work with."

Hugh Akins
Vietnam vet, Army Airborne

"Thanks to MilitaryHire I found a better job within a matter of weeks, after posting my resume I received a call from a prospective employer, within one week I was employed with a major company overseas. For anyone looking for a job I highly recommend MilitaryHire - it truly works."

J Spivey

"I would like to personally thank Militaryhire.com for assisting in my transition, and helping me maintain my career as an Avionics Technician. Within weeks of posting my resume, I was contacted by a very successful company and offered a job I couldn't refuse. This opportunity would not have been possible without you. You are one of the many reasons why I'm proud to be a veteran of the United States. Your patronage is greatly appreciated. The transition is never easy, but Militaryhire.com does produce positive results!"

David Gullick

"I found a job through MilitaryHire.com. I will be working for a company who found my resume on your site. I've been offered a seasonal position in Antarctica, of which I hope to turn into a full time position. Thank you for the access and use of your resume/job search site. Most of the job offers I received were from utilization of MilitaryHire.com."


"I received an E-mail from you on the 23rd of July. I checked out the MilitaryHire web site and decided to put my resume on line. About two weeks later (8/12), I was contacted by a military/prior military placement agency. I was asked if I would be interested in an Asst Manager position with a large Nation wide Retail Company. This position offered an above average base salary with a 25% bonus and excellent incentives. This company was looking for Officers and Senior Enlisted people because of their Military training, integrity and work ethics.

I interviewed on 8/14 and received an outstanding job offer on 8/19. Without militaryhire.com I would not have explored this avenue in my job search. I had put my resume on 7 other major job boards and the BEST results came from MilitaryHire. I can only say Thank You and don't stop helping the Veterans."

Michael Zawieruszynski

"My name is Susie Crowley and I'm the Program Director at the USO...I just wanted to let you know that I love the newsletter and I really like militaryhire.com; both for personal and professional reasons. Many military folks come into the USO to find a little rest and comfort and those that are looking for jobs, I always refer to your website. It's an excellent source of information. Keep up the good work."

Susie Crowley
USO Program Director

"In these times of economic uncertainty and the fluctuations within the job market, it is nice to know that a company such as MilitaryHire is out there to assist government contractors and private industry with a superior pool of candidates nationwide.

MilitaryHire helps hiring managers match exact job descriptions and candidate locations with a simple to use website. You are only a few clicks away from discovering the perfect candidate for the job. In short, MilitaryHire makes searching for complex employee experience and technical backgrounds easy and affordable. I thank you for your service!"

Nidhi Gulati-Kesava
Essential Resource Management,
Karta Technologies Inc.

"Thanks to MilitaryHire I found a job within a matter of weeks! Just a day after posting my resume I began getting calls from prospective employers-this went on for the two weeks, almost at a call a day pace, until I found a position that was right for me. Thanks for the help and for an outstanding site. For anyone looking for a job I highly recommend MilitaryHire-it works!"

P. Ruehs

"MilitaryHire.com has been a great source of qualified candidates for Orion International and has offered excellent service. We rely on their prompt and courteous response to any question or concern we have. MilitaryHire truly has the best interests of the military candidate in mind, and we know it comes from the heart"

Michelle Kidd,
Marketing Director Orion International Consulting "America's Leadership Solution"SM

"After using all the other Internet services I found MilitaryHire and posted my resume. In a few short weeks, I was contacted by a major company and hired for an overseas position. Without MilitaryHire.com, I would still be looking for a job."

Thank You MilitaryHire.com,

"I was out of work for three months. I posted my resume on MilitaryHire.com. I received a job offer in 2 days. I was hired for a job that I worked for about 20 days and then I got promoted to another position. Thanks MilitaryHire.com."

Carter Dean

"We have used MilitaryHire.com since February, 2001 on a daily basis to recruit personnel for current and pending projects. Because Jantec, Inc. and TrendTec, Inc. are prime government contractors, we depend on MilitaryHire to maintain a source for military personnel to staff our projects. MilitaryHire.com has been a case of service well performed."

Betty Blalock
Branch Manager
Recruiting Division for Jantec, Inc..and TrendTec, Inc

"I had my resume on a well known large job board, but actually got more responses from MilitaryHire.com. I think they serve a niche that is good for both employers looking for veterans and for military veterans looking to put their prior military experience to use."

Graeme Parnell
WestPoint '94

"A significant portion of CACI's business is to support critical automated systems of all branches of DoD. It is imperative that we staff our projects with talented, former military personnel. We are continuously searching for seasoned professionals who understand the technology, the systems, the missions, and the intricacies of the military environment. MilitaryHire.com has been a proven and valuable source of exactly this type of talent. MilitaryHire.com has consistently yielded viable, qualified candidates to every job we've posted."

Connie Sale
Lead Technical Recruiter

"After I retired, it was difficult. Although I have a position, it took a lot of work. All the civilian companies I interviewed with just did not have a handle on my abilities/what I had to offer them (I was a Security/Counterintelligence Warrant Officer). I finally hired back into the government as a Force Protection/Antiterrorist Officer. I think all of us veterans appreciate all the help we can get, like that of your services."

Randal W. Garfield
U.S. Army, CW3

"My name is Patrick Mullen, and I am a Recruiter for PCS Technical Services in Cincinnati, Ohio....I am also an Honorably Discharged Gulf War Veteran of the USAF. On behalf of many veterans, thank you for your site! It is very user friendly, and is such a nice tool for military people! I wish this site was around when I left the service back in 1993.

As a recruiter, I can tell you that many employers love to find people, especially with technical experience, that have military backgrounds. It shows a sense of commitment and loyalty. This site is much nicer than other sites, because with these candidates...you know what you're going to get!"

Thanks Again!
Patrick Mullen

"My suggestion for MilitaryHire is to not change anything. The web site is not flashy and entertaining, but there are plenty of sites for that, MilitaryHire is everything we need in. a simple format. Thank you for sending me your address."

Ken Hardy

"Dear Militaryhire.com,
You are the BEST! I have my resume posted on at least five different internet sites and Militaryhire.com is consistently producing leads for me! I haven't had a single response from the other sites. I will definitely pass on the good word to the Navy transition folks!"

Thanks again!
CDR Tom Howarth

"Congratulations on a FINE web service! Yours is obviously a compilation of components very well thought out by seasoned pros in the military arena. I'm very grateful to have found you and look forward to working with and through you to assist our service members."

Joyce C. Harder
Military Telecommunications Transition Services(MTTS)

"I just want to say that your site is the only site I have found that is so user friendly. You have made posting resume very easy it only took me 10 mins. The cover letter is a bonus that most sites do not provide. In my opinion you already stand above the rest."

Jerry Koch