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MilitaryHire.com is the leading job and resume website for veterans! We have thousands of jobs currently available worldwide. These jobs have been posted by hundreds of companies who appreciate the quality and dedication the military veteran brings to the private sector. We allow veterans to post their resume and search our jobs at absolutely no cost.

To maximize your job opportunities, it is important that you complete the following steps.

  1. Register with MilitaryHire.com. You will be asked your choice of a Username and Password (use whatever Username and Password you prefer, but please remember these for future access to our site). Fill in your name, e-mail address and other information regarding rank and branch of service. Remember, your email address is how our employers contact you to offer employment. If your email address ever changes, be sure to update this information in your profile. To do this, go to Command Post > Edit Profile in the navigation bar.
  2. Post your resume. Prepare your resume in a program such as Microsoft Word first. Then, after following the link above, answer the questions about where you want to work, when you will be available to work, etc. Select a title for your resume. This should be a brief statement that highlights your skills such as "Team leader with strong logistics background" or "Experienced vehicle mechanic." Then cut and paste the text of your resume (that you prepared earlier) into the text box. Make sure your cursor is within the text box parameters before you "paste" your resume there. You should be able to see that your resume was copied into the text box. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, review your resume to make sure it looks how you want it to. Edit it if necessary.
  3. Search our job database. Not all employers search resumes. Some simply post jobs and wait for you to come to them. So in addition to posting your resume, it is important that you search and apply for jobs. Our job search engine offers many options so you can narrow or broaden your search. If you get too few results at first, try broadening your search. If you get too many results, try making your search more specific.
  4. Save a JobScout. After you've spent some time refining your search, you can save it as a JobScout. JobScouts run nightly and notify you if any new jobs matching your criteria have been posted. To save a search, when setting the search criteria, click the "Save this Search" button and give the search a descriptive name such as "merchant marine jobs in Kansas." The name will help you distinguish this JobScout from other JobScouts.
  5. Apply for jobs. If you find a job you might be interested in, just click on the title, and the whole job description will come up. If you would like to apply for that job, just click "Apply for this Job" and follow the directions from there. If the company is interested in getting in touch with you after reading your resume, they will contact you via your e-mail address. Remember, your email address is how our employers contact you to offer employment. If your email address ever changes, be sure to update this information in your profile. To do this, just click on Command Post > Edid Profile in the navigation bar.

Our Command Post is the place you can go to exercise command and control of your job search. It includes:

  • My Resumes - You can go here to see how many active/inactive resumes you have posted. You can view, edit (update) and delete resumes from this page. You can view the number of times employers have viewed your resume and also the number of employers who have responded to your resume.
  • JobScouts - You can view how many JobScouts you have active. You can view the results of each search, edit or delete them from this page.
  • Saved Jobs - You can save job postings here for easy access at a later time.
  • Jobs Viewed - You can go here to see the last 200 jobs you've viewed.
  • Jobs Applied For - You can go here to see the jobs you have already applied for.

If you need help using the website, visit our help page by clicking on the "Help" in the navigation bar of every page. If you can't find the answer on that page, contact us at help@militaryhire.com.

Good luck in your job search!