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Outreach, Tier 1 Responsibilities:
Provide Help Desk support (phone call/e-mail) from users Document concerns / problems and provide timely feedback

Test Responsibilities:

Conduct developmental/operational test and evaluation of system software releases Document and track requirements, author test cases, document discrepancy reports, and test result summaries Implement / execute test procedures

CM Responsibilities:
Promote and archive software baselines Coordinate the deployment of releases to production Generate monthly purge/age off metrics

Systems Engineer II LCAT Requirements:
·Shall have three (3) years of direct experience with and intelligence community or signals intelligence activity.
·Shall have three (3) years’ experience in a technical leadership role, leading projects and programs for Government or Industry customers.
·Shall have twelve (12) years in a technical role in projects and programs for Government or Industry customers.
·During those twelve (12) years, shall have significant demonstrated experience in the following: Designing complex collection systems; integrating systems using multiple operating systems (Solaris, Linux, and Windows 2000); performing tradeoff studies; System performance analysis.
·Shall have five (5) years’ experience as a Systems Engineer in programs that encompass system architecture, requirements analysis, process execution and evaluation.
·Shall have five (5) years’ experience in the following: Solaris, Linux, and Windows utilities and techniques to diagnose and correct performance bottlenecks.
·Shall have seven (7) years’ experience developing, delivering, testing and supporting integrated hardware and software systems using recognized industry recognized process management; such as a CMMI Level 2 and above, or NSA Way process structure.
·Shall have three (3) years direct experience with intelligence community or signals intelligence activity.

Desired experience:
Experience in Agile methods is desired. Experience in implementing solutions with PKI-controlled access is desired.


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