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Become an integral part of a diverse team that leads the world inMission, Cyber, and Technology Solutions. At ManTech International Corporation,you will help protect our national security whileworking on innovative projects that offer opportunities for advancement. The Cyber Security Solutions BU of ManTech MCIS is looking for a highly motivated, qualified professional to fill a Cyber Targeting/Intelligence Analyst position in Chantilly, VA.

As the Cyber Targeting/Intelligence Analyst, you will act as a Subject MatterExpert (SME) for the Government CyberDivision and the Joint Task Force. You will be responsible for conductingthe cyber targeting of foreign nationals, identifying Tactics, Techniques, andProcedures (TTP), and developing targeting packages for the government. Inaddition, you will conduct analysis on cyber activities or incidents, andcorrelate data affiliated with these incidents. In this role, you may berequired to provide analysis of packet capture and netflow data to identifymalicious activity, commands/passwords; as well as identify software programsused, identify communication recipients, provide clear text chat conversations,and identify number of users on victim systems. You will analyze and recover encrypted and plaintext passwords or secure keys, identify software programs, hidden rootkit activity, hidden or clear network traffic information, active registryhives, specific command lines, and other system activity. You will alsobe responsible for linking and correlating digital information, such as, threatdata (Victim/Source Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, Uniform Resource Locators(URL), malicious software), actor contacts or personal data, system logs,obtained from single or multiple sources and develop correlationassociations. In this role, you will analyze cyber intrusion activitiesand make recommendations for the customer to collect, monitor,counteract, or mitigate the threat. You will also provide periodic updatesdocumenting the results of this analysis. In addition, you will conduct tactical analysis on cyber activities or incidents, and correlate data affiliatedwith these incidents.

- Have a minimum of 5 yearsof experience conducting targeting of foreign nationals, identifying tactics,techniques, and procedures, and developing targeting packages
- Proficiency with link analysis tools such as Analyst Notebook and Palantir

- Understanding of basic internet protocols(TCP/IP)
- Ability to perform network traffic analysis with tools such as Wireshark orNetworkminer.
- Ability to review and analyze raw packet/netflow data.
- Ability to identify cyber threat TTPs.
- Experience using Windows and UNIX operating systems.
- Technical writing experience.
- Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

- Experience with programming languages (Perl, Python)
- Experience with virtual machines.
- Foreign language capability


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