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C4I Senior Systems Engineer (#5)

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

C4I Sn. Systems Engineer (#5)

Shall have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering. Must have working knowledge with the Peace Shield System or similar, modern C4I system. Must have been trained on Prime Mission Equipment (PME) system and subsystems.

This position requires a highly-trained professional with proven expertise in the areas of military command, control, communications, and computers.
• Fifteen (15) years practical C4I Systems experience involving Communications, Computers, Data Processing, and Surveillance equipment. For Hdqts positions: ten (10) years experience with C4I systems and at least three (3) years experience with systems which are a part of the RSAF C4I Network.
• Must have excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to work independently, completing multiple and often competing tasks.
• Prior experience at a military Field Grade Officer level is desirable.
• Must have supervisory and managerial experience in C4I system management, installation, integration, testing, operation and maintenance.
• Must have experience with TADIL-A operation and Interface equipment, including Data Terminal Set, Encryption Devices, UHF/VHF/HF Radios.
• Must have working knowledge of various functional areas of the C4I system.
• Knowledge of Aircraft Operational Flight Programs (e.g. Fighters) concepts and systems, including knowledge of current computing technology with functional knowledge of Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, are preferable.

• Provide the technical expertise for ensuring application of current C4 concepts and strategies to RSAF requirements. Ensure RSAF C4I systems and procedures satisfy good operational concepts, organizational principles, and management needs, and incorporate current system technologies and air operational techniques.
• Evaluate RSAF programmatic difficulties and provide acceptable solutions to overcome them. Identify errors in the systems and propose corrective actions, including systems integration and documentation.
• Provide expertise in maintaining a database of problems by suite and recommended solution actions, to include follow-up information to ensure compliance with necessary actions.
• Perform other staff functions, such as presentation of staff correspondence and papers. Attend meetings and conferences and prepare briefings as required.
• Perform special functions, management of programs/projects as assigned, and other duties as required.
• Supports the RSAF Officer-in-Charge by:
(1) Coordinating C4I program engineering and management activities.
(2) Coordinating closely with C4I program sites on all aspects of site engineering/maintenance.
(3) Keeping him informed of the real-time maintenance status of all C4I sites to brief his
officer-in-charge, whenever required.
(4) Training RSAF personnel, as required.
(5) Suggesting improvements to the C4I system and to maintenance procedures.
(6) Performing maintenance functions, as required.
(7) Providing support and advising on manning requirements for the system.

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Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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