Cyber Security SME II - Military veterans preferred

IVA'AL Solutions, LLC


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District of Columbia
United States


IVA'AL Solutions LLC is seeking an experienced Cyber Security SME II to provide services on a contract supporting a U.S. Government agency.

The ideal candidate will have excellent problem-solving and communications skills as well as a previous work history of developing of risk analysis models, tools, and methodologies to enable risk prioritization. This position requires a positive attitude, strong organizational skills, a drive to focus and produce results, and the ability to lead a team to meet objectives and foster strong customer relationships in a complex environment.

This is a part-time hourly position with compensation based on experience and overall strength of the candidate.

Core Duties:

  • Collect, analyze, and report on cybersecurity threats and threat actors to support operations.
  • Understand and analyze different sources of information (e.g., INTs, open source, law enforcement data) on specific topics or targets.
  • Provide tactical/operational analysis, including attribution of cyber actors using a variety of analytic techniques and tools. May also provide strategic-level analysis to support broader mission.
  • Develop and communicate situational awareness of local, regional, and international cybersecurity threats impacting stakeholder missions and interests.
  • Apply technical expertise and independent judgement to perform cybersecurity work - to - recognized Federal cybersecurity technical authorities with uncommon technical expertise who advise on cybersecurity challenges impacting DHS and the Nation.

DHS Cybersecurity service employees in the Technical Career Track will generally apply their expertise to perform a range of tasks, including:

Assist others who are less seasoned in identifying and analyzing cybersecurity threats to determine consequences and potential impacts on DHS and national infrastructures and develop mitigation strategies.

  • Actively perform code analysis, advanced traffic analysis, web log analysis, and pattern analysis to determine trends, patterns and suspicious activity on DHS, DHS Component, and/or DHS stakeholder networks.
  • Track technical network and host-based attack vectors, malicious actors, emerging cyber threats, new vulnerabilities, and current trends to prepare and present customized cyber threat intelligence briefings to a range of specific target audiences across DHS, Federal Government, and/or private industry.
  • Provide key technical input to assist organizational leaders with decision-making and actions related to a variety of critical cybersecurity threats and providing strategic-level analysis to support broader DHS cyber missions and related future planning.
  • Contribute to or serving as a technical subject matter expert on Departmental, Component, and/or Federal working groups, task forces, and committees to develop, share or otherwise contextualize cyber indicators or information, recommending countermeasure or mitigation strategies for perceived threats.
  • Apply Intelligence Community (IC) standards to analyze all-source intelligence on current and emerging cyber threats and sharing these analyses with DHS customers and partners.
  • Produce intelligence assessments and cyber warning assessments using analytic tradecraft and tools encompassing the full threat intelligence lifecycle (planning, collecting, processing, analyzing, disseminating) to identify and evaluate emerging threats.
  • Monitor DHS or Component architectures, networks, communications, applications, and systems by mining open source and classified data sources to maintain constant awareness of national and international cyber events/threats.
  • Active working with Cyber Incident Response teams and cyber experts to implement advanced identification and protection measures against state sponsored threats, sharing intelligence and analysis.
  • Perform advanced scanning and probing activities to analyze and interpret all-source intelligence on current and emerging cyber threats using intelligence community analytical standards.
  • Advise Federal and National DHS stakeholder organizations on handing highly complex cybersecurity threats and influencing policy decision making on a range of technical topics.



Clearance: Public Trust to Secret. Must be able to obtain and maintain clearance.

Citizenship: Must be a U.S. Citizen.


  • Minimum of 5-10 years' cybersecurity work experience required.
  • Proficiency in Terraform
  • Ability to perform source code review
  • Strong experience with cloud security (particularly AWS)
  • Experience working in IT and cybersecurity environments at one or more federal agencies or critical infrastructure entities preferred.