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The Cyber Operations and Exploitation Solutions (COES) Division of ManTech MCIS is looking for a highly motivated and qualified Hardware Engineer in the Northern VA (Springfield) area. This is a rewarding and highly challenging position with direct support and significant impact to operations of national security.

In this role, you?ll have the opportunity to work in a challenging and exciting work environment with a flexible work schedule. You?ll be working on mission critical projects that directly work to safeguard our country.

Required Skills/Experience:

?BS degree in Electrical Engineering
?Experience writing technical documents for a wide readership, illustrated with photographs, test equipment screenshots, unique schematics, etc.
?Experience in peer review of engineering documents, technical analysis reports.
?Experience using modern test equipment such as multimeters, signal generators, digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, DC power supplies.
?Experience analyzing electronic systems end-to-end to verify the role that each block plays in system performance. Working as a bench/lap electrical engineer with hand tools and performance measurement hardware.
?Ability to provide technically sound assessments. Make verbal/written recommendations on test plans ideas to present the measured data in different formats.
?Experience with "hands on" troubleshooting battery-powered electronic devices and the internal circuits down to the component part level, sometimes without adequate documentation. Attention to small details and manual dexterity are needed to safety disassemble and re-assemble small components without damaging them.
?Experience reading or creating circuit schematics down to the component part level.
?Experience in reading, writing, and briefing complex technical information and the ability to explain terms to non-EE personnel.

Desired Skills/Experience:
?Advanced degree in Electrical Engineering or related discipline(s).
?Experience in analyzing firmware code embedded in microprocessors and other printed circuit board components
?Experience using other radio frequency (RF) test/simulator equipment, such as those used with RFID, cellphones, and WIFI networks.
?Experience in using computer forensic software such as "write blockers" to safely/securely examine solid-state memory device for malware, "erased" data and latent features.


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