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Mission Simulator Support Lead (MSSL)

Aviation Recruiting (


  Full Time   Employee   Contractor

PSAB (Prince Sultan Air Base - Al Kharj

Duties and Responsibilities
Maintain, align and adjust all systems on the AWACS mission simulator. Evaluate, recommend, implement and install engineering changes on the device. Provide customer service to the end-user. Tasks include system start-up, maintenance, repairs and performance of major overhauls on equipment. This position requires the individual to be able to resolve complex problems and situations. Perform additional duties as required by supervisor.

The ability to attend to and verify the accuracy and completeness of detailed information. This also includes the ability to identify missing or inconsistent information or data. Takes responsibility for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment; encourages the responsible use of resources. The ability and willingness to take independent action. This includes moving quickly and directly to complete the task at hand and not waiting to be instructed to complete job activities. Also includes the willingness to seek out additional assignments or tasks. Gathers examines, and interprets information from different sources to generate effective solutions to problems and make sound business decisions; generates alternate approaches to solving problems when needed; demonstrates awareness of the likely consequences or implications of judgments. Generates and implements new and useful ideas; ideas reflect 'thinking outside the box'; explores alternatives; takes risks and tries new approaches. The ability to use established physical, mechanical, or scientific principles and perform appropriate tests to identify and solve problems encountered on the job. This includes the ability to locate and isolate the problem, identify possible solutions, and select approaches that are practical and effective. Familiarity with Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX and Linux is preferable.

Skills and Experience
At least five (7) years of experience or equivalent to Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) seven (7) skill level. Knowledge of electronic principles including theory of transistor operation, solid state components, integrated circuits and digital techniques that apply to E-3 CC-2 computer, MX-10561 (V-A) Display System, and OJ-566/A Color Consoles, concepts and application of maintenance management and technical publications, wiring diagrams and schematic drawings.
In addition, two years experience must have been in performing and supervising function such as installation, repair, fault-isolation or modification of E-3 CC-2 computer, MX-10561(V-A) Display System, and OJ-566/A Color Consoles and the use and interpretation of associated test equipment.

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Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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