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SAIC's Training and Simulation Service Line, in support of the Navy and Marine Corps Customer Group, currently has a career opportunity for an Electronic Attack (EA) Spectrum Engineer and action officer to provide fleet training support as a Training subject matter expert (SME) to Commander, Naval Aviation Development Center (NAWDC) in Fallon, NV.

Job Description:

Training subject matter experts (SME) are highly-skilled persons with knowledge gained over years of experience at senior levels. They promote greater information sharing for staffs and stakeholders. They provide realistic as well as reliable, consistent support and well-developed recommendations to various audiences in training and real world events. They will maintain the integrity of the training objectives, and maintain a knowledge base that is consistent with the requirements that cover the full spectrum of the listed Functional Area duties. SMEs serve as the catalyst for developing and evaluating requirements. They provide the expertise and insight to support programs and leaders at all levels, including very senior levels, civilian and military sectors. They are experienced subject matter experts in their fields of expertise. The individual in this position will provide detailed technical support to the NAWDC/Fallon Range Training Complex (FRTC) Spectrum Manager, and advance and expand NAWDC authorizations to conduct Blue Force and Opposing Force EA through engineering processes and advanced engineering and executive level coordination with other spectrum users. The EA Spectrum Engineer will ensure all NAWDC EA requests are thoroughly engineered and deconflicted to the maximum extent possible prior to submission to the Spectrum Manager. He/she will employ the Naval Research Lab’s Interactive Scenario Builder and Global Positioning System (GPS) Interference and Navigational Tool (GIANT) for propagation modeling (or use other propagation modeling applications as dictated by Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Center [NMSC], the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA], and the Federal Communications Commission [FCC]), and will not be able to delegate such modeling at Fallon. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive knowledge of Fallon Range threat system capabilities; airborne EA equipment capabilities and spectrum requirements for training; civil radio frequency (RF) use around the Fallon Range that may overlap NAWDC EA requirements; and propagation modeling with terrain to analyze potential effects of proposed EA usage.

Specific Functional Area duties include the following:

Catalog Fallon Range and local civil spectrum use, identify new civil spectrum applications prior to deployment, identify interference potential, and propose plans to address identified interference potential, including direct negotiations with other spectrum users, equipment modification, DoD purchase of spectrum at auction, and/or civil equipment relocation, or other technically sound actions as appropriate.
Liaise with the NAWDC Growler Tactics Instructor School, TOPGUN and NAWDC Intelligence, and NAWDC Air Wing Training to identify and plan for new NAWDC spectrum requirements and similarly identify potential interference and plans mitigation.
Develop a proposed mitigation plan to include entering NAWDC into spectrum auction.
Engage in the design phase of RF equipment sought for the Fallon Range to maximize spectrum compatibility.
Assist the NAWDC Technical Director in presenting EA and Spectrum issues to OPNAV, other services, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and other Department level executives.
Prepare draft equipment spectrum certifications (JF-12) in Equipment Location – Certification Information Database (EL-CID) format using information obtained from manufacturers, providers, and owners of equipment (e.g., radars, radar simulators, jammers, voice transceivers, terrestrial microwave links, tracking systems, and software defined radios).
Man spectrum monitoring/cease buzzer stations during NAWDC training evolutions to ensure Fallon Range spectrum use is not causing harmful interference.


U.S. citizen with Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (EE), physics, mathematics, or other closely related technical field (equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree).
Must demonstrate key RF engineering skills, and computer skills sufficient to employ propagation modeling tools such as NRL Builder and GIANT.
Demonstrated experience with Electronic Attack.
Six (6) years of applicable technical / Training SME experience
Three (3) years of Functional Area experience (see detailed tasks above).
Must possess professional verbal and written communication skills sufficient to prepare reports and present briefings on spectrum issues, including the ability to speak and present at the executive level, negotiate effectively with civil RF users, and build cooperative relationships with other spectrum users.
Experience in use of MS Office (e.g., PowerPoint) products.
In addition, he/she will have at least three years of applicable Training SME experience such as:
Conducting fleet training analyses to identify gaps, training needs, and solutions
Developing and modifying training event/exercise scenarios and curricula
Managing training projects
Designing custom training to meet Fleet and Joint training objectives

Familiarity with spectrum approval processes.
Familiarity with Fallon Range threat system capabilities, spectrum requirements for carrier air wing training, civil RF frequency use around NAS Fallon, and a current working knowledge of aircraft electronic warfare systems.
Familiarity with the Fleet Response Training Plan (FRTP), Fleet Training Continuum (FTC), and Fleet Training policy documents.

To apply for this job, contact:
Alexander Gutierrez

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