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Al Udeid Air Base

The Sweeper Operator performs street sweeping on all paved roads and facility accesses.

** CDL Class A Driver's License required to be considered for this position.

Principal Accountabilities:

(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract)
Keep up appearance and reduce the build-up of sand or debris on the surfaces.
Sweeping with hand tools such as rakes or brooms may be required at times to reach debris in corners or surface areas not easily accessible by sweeper vehicle.
Street sweeping to other paved areas to remove the buildup of sand, mud, and debris.
Check all fluid levels for main and auxiliary engines to include oil, transmission fluid, coolant, hydraulic and fuel levels.
Check the function of all gauges, headlights, turn signal/hazard lights, beacon warning lights and cleanliness of the operator cab and external surfaces.
Compartment maintenance and cleaning such as: all hopper internal surfaces are cleaned after each operators shift to include debris grates, dust collection compartment and all hopper door seal areas.
Develop sweeping schedule to keep all identified areas clean and clear per the PWS requirements.
Perform daily inspections, servicing, and minor repairs to sweeper within their capability.
Immediately report any damage or malfunctioning sweepers to the supervisor.
Maintain and stock inventory of replacement parts for equipment.
Comply with all safety precautions applicable to sweepers.
Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills:

Knowledge of and ability to follow all applicable safety guidelines and regulations.
Ability to perform work safely under hazardous conditions.

Experience & Education:

Two (2) years of experience performing operations and maintenance of a street sweeper or similar equipment.
Must be able to obtain and maintain any certifications or licenses needed for flight line and/or restricted access.

To apply for this job, contact:
Robert Hall

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