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Facilities Design Engineer (DE)-UAE

PABULUM Consulting, LLC (


  Full Time   Employee   Contractor

Jebel Ali Quay 9, UAE
United Arab Emirates


The Contractor’s role is to provide NAVFAC EURAFSWA with professional general engineering services. The General Engineer serves as a Design Engineer for assigned projects in UAE for NAVFAC. The responsibilities of this position include application and interpretation of professional engineering requirements to naval facility design, conducting engineering studies surveys and investigations, and sitting on team engineering reviews.

• Independently assures completion of projects involving design and review applying seasoned professional technical knowledge and experience in the oversight of an interdisciplinary team engaged in carrying out projects.
• Provide oversight in the development of required project scopes and cost estimates for A&E fee and construction contract purposes.
• Provide staff advisory, guidance and reports on A&E progress, consult and review services, coordinate the work of others, motivate and lead individuals of a variety of backgrounds.
• Prepare Government estimates for A&E fees and construction contracts.
• Provide technical and administrative guidance to A&E firms in preparing construction drawings and specifications or prepare these documents personally.
• Monitor progress of designs for adherence to schedules and costs.
• Ensure concept planning and designs are compatible with the Activity master plan by facilitating the design Charrette and Functional Analysis Concept Development (FACD) processes.
• Facilitate coordination of the design criteria and information with the using activity, the A&E and other interested Government representatives (CONUS and OCONUS).
• Review construction drawings and specifications for architectural and engineering systems and ensure that systems are designed in accordance with the latest standard engineering and construction practices and comply with all applicable codes/norms/laws.
• Identify areas of special concern pertaining to the specific projects, such as permits, clearances, real estate requirements, environmental impacts, energy conservation, economic analysis, life safety, handicap accessibility criteria, activity maintenance procedures and policies, site utility adequacy, connections and outages.
• Coordinate technical and administrative requirements with local, host country or other authorities when necessary, obtaining required approval actions.
• Review plans and specifications prepared by the A&E, coordinate review of other Government reviewers for content and completeness, and monitor progress of design reviews and adherence to schedules.
• Perform all necessary planning, scheduling and coordination necessary to assure that the design is complete and within the design budget and the allotted construction budget.
• Review and make recommendations for A&E invoices for progress payments; assure that all work required by contract has been satisfactorily completed per scope of work and all submittals have been properly received; verify contract completion; review final invoice and recommend payment.
• Conduct field investigations during construction involving difficult problems such as changes in design due to latent conditions and interface new work with existing structures and/or those under construction.
• Analyze and interpret contract drawings and specifications to determine the extent of the contractor’s responsibility under the provisions of the contract.
• Recommend solutions to controversial situation including those that are due to misinterpretation of engineering terms and provisions.
• Review and evaluate proposed change orders, recommending approval or disapproval.
• Prepare Government estimates used in negotiating cost of approved changes.
• Interpret customer requirements. Perform or direct surveys and field investigations to determine existing condition of facilities and layout information, obtain equipment data, dimensions, and make design checks.
• Perform necessary calculations, develop possible alternatives, and present findings and alternatives in written reports and meetings with customers.
• With appropriate approval, act as a non-voting advisor on slate, selection, and/or negotiation boards.
• Will be required to sign non-disclosure statements.
• Consolidate the findings of others, evaluate recommendations and facts, and produce results of analysis.
• Develop from client requirements, conceptual designs and diagrammatic sketches for multiple facility types.
• Deliver all written and verbal correspondences utilizing the English language.


• Ability to read, write, and speak fluent English in order to provide reports and make presentations to Government personnel. Upon Government acceptance of contractor personnel, the Government has the right to include a probationary period to determine the contractor personnel's ability to accomplish this task.
• Knowledge of office automation systems in order that several types of software such as Microsoft Office may be used for various office needs such as graphs, tables, and charts.
• Knowledge of management and analysis techniques to identify, consider, and resolve issues or problems.
• Skill in briefing managers and in communicating tentative recommendations regarding efficiency in program operations.
• Shall possess at least a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (or European equivalent) in engineering, architecture, building construction, construction science or construction management.
• Have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in planning and development of new concepts for long range recapitalization programs and knowledge of related fields such as civil, structural, electrical, fire protection, mechanical engineering and Architecture Engineer. Each proposed Engineer must be a licensed Professional Engineer.
• Be proficient in the use of AutoCAD.
• Extensive experience and ability to apply fundamental engineering concepts, terminology, units of measurement (both metric and US), and their inter-relationship common to all branches of architecture, engineering, project management and financial management.
• Evidence of successful work performance from previous employers. Resume of proposed candidate shall include names, titles, and contact information of previous employers. The Government reserves the right to contact previous employers to assess proposed candidate's probability of successfully performing work for this requirement.

To apply for this job, contact:
Ferrel Bonner

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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