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Job Location: McClellan Air Park, CA

Position Summary:
The Asset Material Technician will provide logistical support to the U.S. Forest Service. This includes limited aspects of technical supply management work (e.g., inventory management, storage management, cataloging, and property utilization) related to depot, local, or other supply activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Specific duties include: Process parts requests, issue and receive parts, ensure due-in parts are processed in a timely manner, enter component and parts shipment information into AMMIS, prepare parts for shipment, ship parts, components and materials in accordance with applicable regulations including HAZMAT, track shipment status, organize warehouse spaces, clean work space and work areas assigned, conduct spot inventories for the USCG, run reports from AMMIS, ACMS, Fleet Logistics System (FLS) and ALMIS as requested (Ex. Tum-In Report), assist in managing deficient and warrantied parts, interact with ACMS data entry personnel (Field Terminal Operator) regarding tracked parts.
• Maintain a minimum of 95% accuracy of stock levels for authorized Type 2 & 4 aviation materiel and assist to maintain a minimum of 95% accuracy in stock level s for authorized Type 3 & 5 aviation materiel.
• Perform all required inventory control functions including: follow-up actions on AMMIS morning report items "In Maintenance"; checking AMMIS inventory report by location to identify items on-hand with ZERO ALLOWANCE; conduct semi-annual floor to paper inventory. Maintain computer and manual records to track repairable aviation materiel in maintenance. Report materiel not returned to the Supply System within 15 days to the Aviation Materiel Officer (AMO), Maintenance Officer (MO) and Engineering Officer (EO). Participate in inventories of all aviation materiel as necessary.
• Assist as necessary with Type 3 and 5 ordering, issuing, inventories and reorganization. Type 3 & 5 material purchases will be approved by the USFS Air Station Manager or designee. Manage type 3/5 material in current USCG system.
• Submit recommendations to change stock levels based on AMMIS or other analysis, seasonal demands, customer requests or anticipated maintenance requirements.
• Ensure Type 2 & 4 materiel orders are place within established guidelines and procedures.
• Track all priority 2 and 2- 999 orders daily and keep the Maintenance Officer (MO) advised of their status. Follow up with ALC on all requisitions to ensure materiel is delivered promptly. Track status of priori ty 5 orders at least semi - weekly. Follow-up on priority 12 orders at least monthly. Troubleshoot and resolve any apparent AMMIS errors. Maintain files documenting known or suspected AMMIS software or hardware errors and pass this information to USCG ALC as soon as possible. Inform the MO of AMMIS software/hardware problems. Carefully differentiate data entry errors from software malfunctions.
• Properly document ordering, receiving and issuing of all aviation materiel. Maintain accurate inventory records for aviation materiel. Prepare all 265 materiel for shipment (packaging, boxing, crating, banding, GBL’s, FedEX, DHL, UPS) and receive back into inventory. Coordinate authorization (with ALC) for shipments via GBL, FedEX, UPS, or DHL and schedule shipment pickup with local carriers as necessary.
• Review AMMIS demand reports and make appropriate recommendations to add/delete items from inventory.
• Conduct quarterly/annual physical inventories of stocked materiel; in accordance with MO adjust high/low limits as necessary based on utilization analysis, inventories or anticipated demand, always keeping supervisors informed. Maintain inventory support documentation for each quarterly/annual inventory on file by fiscal year IAW COMDTINST M5212 .12 (series), Information and Life Cycle Management Manual.
• Adhere to Coast Guard standards regarding the utilization of computer hardware, software and security. Correctly process necessary documentation associated with ordering, receipt and shipment of all aviation materials within appropriate and/or required time-frames.
• Perform shipping/receiving, then properly annotate receipt of supplies/materials, return to stock and issue all Type 2, 3, 4 and 5 materials.
• Follow all directives given by authorized Coast Guard personnel. Bring any deviations from Coast Guard or other applicable regulation to the attention of the AMO/MO. Utilize the chain of command on issues and/or concerns.
• Safely operate forklifts, hand pallet jacks, hand trucks and carts as necessary to transport/load/unload materials. Obtain USFS authorization and license to operate fork lifts through the USFS Air Station Manager or designee.
• At the direction of the Government coordinate movements of material and parts between the USFS Air Station and the USCG Air Station in Sacramento CA. Retrieve and deliver parts and material as directed by the Government to and from USCG Air Station in Sacramento CA or other locations.
• Perform general housekeeping duties to keep work/shop area clean and free of debris. Report any safety concerns/issues to your supervisory chain.
• Attend all morning meetings and other meetings as required by supervisory chain.
• Work schedule will be defined by the needs of the program. Fire Season schedule may vary and overtime will be authorized by the USCG or USFS. Non Fire Season schedule will be Monday to Friday 0800-1630 or other authorized schedules to meet program requirements. Work days and hours may change at the government’s direction.

Basic Qualifications:
• 5yrs USCG aviation parts and store room experience in the position of Asset Material Manager or 5 yrs USCG experience managing spare parts in Aviation Materiel Management Information System (AMMIS) or current USCG system.
• Fluent with USCG Policies and Processes for aviation parts management. Knowledgeable of COMDTINST 13020.1 (series) Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Manual, CGTO PG 85-00-110A Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Process Guide, and COMDTINST 4400.19 (series) Supply Policy and Procedures Manual.
• Ability to identify and manage supply items to support operational availability
• Ability to research federal supply system to identify acceptable substitutes requires technical aptitude and ability to discern technical data.
• Knowledgeable in and ability to proficiently use MS Office products including Excel and Word.
• Ability to gain Known Shipper of Haz-Mat certification.

To apply for this job, contact:
George Bassut

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