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Configuration Analyst DOORS

Defense Contracting


  Full Time   Employee

Pax River
United States

Configuration Analyst (DOORS) REQ 420280


Data Manager will have the responsibility for duties assigned below.

The Data Manager will report to the Baseline Configuration Manager and will also be responsible for assuring timely coordination and integration with DPM's, and all other IPT(s) members in the areas of CM, Engineering, Logistics, Contracts and related technical data.
Responsible for the management and validation of the Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) database for PMA-262’s Performance Based System Specification (PBSS).
Responsible for the permissions generation of User accounts access to the DOORS database for PMA-262.
Responsible for the generation of DOORS exports as requested for PMA-262.

Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) subject matter expert (SME) and Database Administrator for the Triton PMA-262 Program Office.
Coordinate with the Systems Engineering Integration Team (SEIT) to add/delete personnel accounts for the classified and unclassified DOORS database.
Coordinate with customer to receive and restore DOORS database revisions to provide an accessible current copy of the PMA-262 Triton requirements
Maintain the integrity of the respective program requirements documents within Triton DOORS database through verification of correct Change Request (CR) and Deviation implementation to the Performance Based System Specification (PBSS)
Produce reports such as linkage analysis, traceability, history, and gap analysis for the requirements from DOORS for the PMA-262 Integrated Product Teams (IPT’s) and the Triton Integrated Test Team (ITT).
Assist in training program personnel in the use of the DOORS database and best practices.
Coordinate with program personnel and Information Assurance (IA) to assist in obtaining accounts for the classified DOORS laptop. Assist in the preparation of the Performance Based System Specification (PBSS) and the Production Performance Based System Specification (P-PBSS) for contract modification. ?
Responsible for the management and cataloging of classified materials for the Configuration/Data Management (CDM) team. Experience working with classified materials transmitting, packaging, and being a courier.
Responsible for providing Data Management guidance and assistance to Program Management Staff, IPTs, and others, in developing contractual requirements in the preparation and submission of data management related product deliverables, including Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), Requests for Proposals, Statements of Work, Procurement Initiation Documents and Request for Deviations for common or peculiar Data Management Program related product deliverables.
Assists in the implementation and maintenance of the Triton Program Data Management Program (DMP); experienced with the Command directives, instructions and guidance for proper acquisition, storage, integration and exchange of DOD system data management requirements for the Triton program. Responsible for Participation in periodic Data Management Program assessments for the purpose of collecting and maintaining process metrics and reporting techniques to ensure Team compliance with DOD level Data Management Program policies and procedures.
Responsible for NSERC database management for the CDM team to include data entry, tracking, and monitoring of various program documents. Create folders and upload reports and CM documentation as well as modify documentation on NSERC. Also, use NGC ShareCenter and Team Center on rare occasion to provide NGC with documents (ShareCenter) or pull CR’s (Team Center)
Responsible for Government Furnished Equipment tracking and Right To Use (RTU) letters for PMA-262. Perform configuration management tasking to include assisting in the processing of CR’s to the Triton requirements documents and CR’s for Government Furnished Equipment (GFX). Process Right to Use for GFX requiring the coordination and interaction with various IPT’s within PMA- 262, other NavAir personnel, the contractor, and other Department of Defense Agencies (i.e. Air Force, Nation Security Administration (NSA). In coordination with the PID Manager process revisions to the GFX List for contract modification.
Responsible for the data management and cataloging of secure data and materials for the Triton program.
Assists in the preparation of Contract Data Requirements Lists (DD Form 1423 or equivalent) as necessary. Represents and speaks authoritatively for CDM Manager in representing CDM position on Data Management policy. Assist customers and fill in for CM team personnel in their absence

• Bachelor's degree and 2+ years of experience with Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) database.
• Must be able to think and speak clearly, present ideas succinctly (both orally and in writing), perform critical and original thinking, possess a high degree of self initiative, and have the ability to meet and effectively negotiate with people at all levels. Work independently, possess deductive reasoning, and be able think on your feet and determine the customer’s needs with little guidance

Postion requires a Secret.

To apply for this job, contact:
Mary Pat Martin

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
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