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Diversity Management Support

A-Team Solutions (
Public Sector/Government


  Full Time   Contractor

United States


A-Team Solutions is seeking Diversity Management Support Services for full a time position for National Guard Bureau Headquarters, located at Arlington Hall Station, 111 S. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA 22204.


National Guard Bureau Diversity Management Support:
The Diversity Management Support Team (DMST) provides assistance to National Guard Bureau J-1 (NGB J-1) to support the Diversity Division. The Diversity Management Support Team (DMST) is responsible for drafting policy guidance, studying current programs and making program improvement recommendations, performing database development and analysis, developing training requirements, and providing services in support of the Diversity Division. The Diversity Management Support Team provides Diversity Management Support Services and Diversity and Inclusion Measurement and Metrics. The DMST ensures the timely and accurate preparation, presentation, and communication of all deliverables to the Government and/or KO/COR as required. Team Members within the DMST operate independently and collaboratively on a team.
Major Duties: Members of the DMST are responsible for:
• Collaborate with organizations internal to the National Guard Bureau Headquarters section: (ANG and ARNG Diversity Offices, ANG ARNG EO offices, States, territories and DC)
• Research, review and recommend a written diversity and inclusion initiatives that support the development and integration of diversity goals and strategies into the National Guard Diversity Strategic Plan.
• Provide strategic advice and counsel to Senior Leadership on diversity related issues.
• Attend meetings on DoD Diversity Working Group (DDWG), Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC), and other diversity and inclusion programs and serve as a subject matter expert and provide advice and answers to questions on diversity-related issues.
• Provide a written report on internal and external diversity trends and developments that negatively impact the National Guard.
• Provide proposed recommendations of baselines for under-represented groups of the ARNG and ANG, measure progress and develop goals to show improvement.
• Provide a written report on social media trends and technologies internal and external to the National Guard to identify new methodologies and programs that will positively impact the National Guard to attract, recruit, develop and retain a quality workforce.
• Conduct research, develop and review diversity metrics that are relevant, measurable and aligned with the National Guard Strategic Plan to support mission readiness.
• Diversity Operations have approximately 10 major policy guidances and instructions of which the team shall review 50-60% of the documents on weekly basis. These policies will be discussed by the Diversity Boards, Committees and Councils to provide updated information/issues that may influence or impact policy change nation-wide.
• Research and draft presentations or DOD talking points to include same sex issues, gender, immigration on diversity initiatives and regular and recurring diversity and inclusion program updates for the Senior National Guard Leadership, DoD agencies, community leaders, and other services.
• Collaborate with team, innovate, research and develop new diversity training initiatives and/or tools in order to assist with the promotion of diversity awareness and education within the National Guard.
• Propose guidance on the development, implementation, and management of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and programs for the National Guard. The draft documents will reference DoD Directives 1020.02, Executive Order 13583 and Military Leadership Diversity Commission.
• Annually review policies on institutionalizing diversity, to attract, recruit, develop and retaining a quality workforce.
• Propose information, metrics, and supporting rationale to be used in the Government’s development of the Diversity Annual Report that monitors progress in achieving goals and objectives of the DoD Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan and the CNGB Diversity Strategic Plan.
• Coordinate training and education reporting by initiating direct contact with the diversity program managers within each state and territory to provide diversity updates to be collected for quarterly reporting and compile into a draft report.
• Respond to inquiries through emails, telephone calls, and virtual teleconferences (VTCs) in order to provide information to the various activities within the National Guard units (Army & Air).
• Propose information, metrics, and supporting rationale from team collaboration, diversity and inclusion best practices, and nationwide data for diversity-related reporting requirements for the annual report for the National Guard.
• Occasional travel may be required.


The duties of the DMST require a comprehensive knowledge of a variety of techniques for reviewing standards, strategic planning, superior writing skills, research and analytical skills including fact-finding, data collection, data analysis and improvement recommendation development.
The DMST must have the ability to work as part of a team in accomplishing complex projects. DMST members must be able to work with minimal supervision, must be self-motivated and disciplined, must have strong analytical and writing skills with the ability to get along in a wide range of situations and must be able to resolve controversial issues related to the team, and communicate well with clients, and key stake holders.
DMST members must have strong oral and written communication skills, leadership skills, team building skills, time management skills, organization skills and problem solving skills. They must have a working knowledge of the military and its rank structure.

Education Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in related discipline is required. Prior experience working with Diversity programs is preferred.

Security Requirements: Eligible employees must be able to pass a background check and obtain a Common Access Card (CAC).

Work Location: Work Performance shall be at the National Guard Bureau Headquarters, Arlington Hall Station, 111 S. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA 22204.

To apply for this job, contact:
Brenda Kissick

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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