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ManTech Mission & Solutions Group established itself as an industry leader in worldwide technology support providing support to the U.S. Army, U.S.Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers and we would like to consider YOU as part of our team.
As the Exclusive Teaming Partner to the Saudi based contractor, Jadwalean International Operations & Management Company, ManTech will provide highly qualified and experienced personnel to work in various locations around the Kingdom to support Royal Saudi Air Force in systems, equipment, and training, also provide dedicated maintenance manning to the RSAF.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

1.Develop and evaluate course material and curriculum for Air Intelligence Enlisted and Officer Training Courses.
2.Teach Air Intelligence Targeting training courses in accordance with proper teaching methods.
3.Assist in the implementation, evaluation and revision of RSAF Specialty Awarding training & education programs.
4.Provide an in-depth research pertinent to SOR development throughout the systems procurement process including ISR related issues.
5.Analyze RSAF instructional systems reports, provide comments and proposed solution to potential problem including ISR related issues.
6.Provide analysis and recommended solutions for intelligence related issues as requested by the Air Intelligence.

Qualifications and Experience:

1. Must have at least eight (8) years experience as an US Air Force member, five (5) of which were in the intelligence career field within the least two years.
2. Preferred candidate will have some experience in Middle East/Southwest Asia region of the world.
3. Candidate must have served at least one tour of duty as an intelligence officer at a flying unit with responsibility fo r targeting or weaponeering.
4. Candidate must have performed several of the following jobs:aircrew training, creating current intelligence briefings,exercise support such as scripting, intelligence support to mission planning, on-the-job (OJT) trainer for other
intelligence personneland intelligence systems support.
5. Candidate must have served at least one tour of duty at a headquarters level targeting/weaponeering assignment.
6. Must have performed any combination of the following jobs: intelligence research and analysis, briefing support,on-the-job (OJT) training, exercise support, exercise participation, systems support, project management (such as procurement and installation of equipment).
7. It is desirable that, in addition to the required experience described above, candidate should have specialized experience and/or training in target intelligence, collection management. indications and warning, and/or imagery interpretation.
8. It is highly desirable that candidates' have experience as an instructor at an intelligence school and that candidates have completed Air Force instructor training schooland curriculum development courses.
9. It is required that the candidate be familiar with office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.



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