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ManTech Mission & Solutions Group established itself as an industry leader in worldwide technology support providing support to the U.S. Army, U.S.Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers and we would like to consider YOU as part of our team.
As the Exclusive Teaming Partner to the Saudi based contractor, Jadwalean International Operations & Management Company, ManTech will provide highly qualified and experienced personnel to work in various locations around the Kingdom to support Royal Saudi Air Force in systems, equipment, and training, also provide dedicated maintenance manning to the RSAF.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Advise on technical problems of repair, maintenance of Turbo jet Turbo Fan and jet Engines:
2. Remove install, inspects, Repairs, and modified jet Engines, Including small Gas turbine Engines:
3. Performs and supervises Test stand functions on Aircraft Jet, Turbo jet, and turbo fan engines;
4. Inspects Jet Engine and related Equipment:
5. Supervise Jet Engine maintenance personnel:
6. Interprets installation and maintenance policies to correct defective equipment:
7. Diagnose malfunctions using technical publications and perform repair:
8. Conducts test of repaired jet engines and their components to achieve maximum operating efficiency.
9. Observes and ensure compliance with established safety procedures:
10. Ensure assign support equipment is serviceable and tools, parts and test equipment are available:
11. Determines extent of dis-assembly necessary to repair or replace Aircraft parts:
12. Operate engine and performs engine test according to applicable directives and test data on log sheet

Qualifications and Experience:

1. Knowledge of mechanical principles that apply to jet engines, principles of oil analysis, wear metal criteria and guidelines: concepts and application of supporting publications, use and interpretation of wiring diagrams, blueprints and technical publication is mandatory.
2. Inspects, removes, installs, troubleshoots, repairs, maintain, associated equipment; and supervises jet engine activities.
3. Jet engine maintenance specialist must have minimum 10 years Experience and 7 level trained.
4. Experience in performing supervisory functions.
5. Experience in such as repair.
6. Experience in modification.
7. Experience in testing of jet engine is mandatory.
8. Experience in Airframe is desirable.


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