Advanced Field Technology Innovation and Implementation Program Manager

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Job Purpose:
·Prepare and implement field trials to allow new technologies to be fully assessed for benefits, risks and roll out costs that will lead to an expanded roll out of the technology.
·Upon completion of the field trials of the new technology, prepare the implementation plan; prepare procedure changes, required including training documents, and metrics to monitor progress that can be handed over to the operational leaders.
Key Accountabilities:
§Work collaboratively with management teams and their staff to increase efficiencies, decrease costs, decrease NCRs, and involve everyone in driving performance improvement.
§Review and generate ideas for innovation of new technologies across the US jurisdiction by attending business meetings, safety meetings, audits, etc.
§Act as a change agent across the business and within the process, managing operational and organizational change for business excellence and growth
§Inspiring and engaging others in new ways of working, innovation and performance to enhance value and commitment
§Screen the ideas generated through the future state development to identify those with the highest promise for achieving the safety, quality, productivity, compliance and customer service goals.
§For those ideas with promise, prepare business cases and cost/benefit analysis on emerging technologies to determine the priority for implementation in to daily work activities.
§Work with operating organizations to transform work practices and procedures so that the new technologies get embedded into daily operations.
§Identify techniques, tools, and processes throughout the industry for consideration in the innovation play book.
§Work with the local process owners to facilitate and implement pilot programs and to develop metrics to provide long term feedback to the cost/benefit analysis.
§Coordinate local training for the field organizations on to the innovations to ensure that the pilots are implemented correctly and safely.
§Work with Purchasing to specify and develop purchase orders, contracts and service agreements associated with the roll out of new technology tools.
§Participate in the regional Operations, Fleet and Safety meetings to identify issues and emerging technologies for development by the team.
§Work with regulatory and legal to identify and address any potential implementation issues of the new technology.
§Work with Codes and Standards to identify the appropriate policies, procedures, work methods and training required to support pilots and effective role out of technology
§Work closely with the R&D team to shape future R&D spends around identified challenges.
§Work closely with the appropriate business leaders to gain the appropriate buy in. Inform union leadership and regulators for any process changes.
§Prepare detailed deployment plans including: detailed cost/benefit analysis, rollout schedule, required training, and spare/renewal parts lists.
§Work with Shared Services: including IT, Supply Chain, Transportation, Industrial Relations as required implementing new technologies.
§Prepare weekly updates and presentations to document progress of all ongoing projects.
§Provide a framework for communications; ensuring consistency of communications, and providing content support to suit the different communication channels/audiences.
Actively engage and collaborate with the consulting group and various leadership within the GasE program to ensure consistency on messaging, process analysis, cost initiatives, and various roll out activities.
Knowledge & Experience Requirements:
§Bachelor’s degree in an engineering related field or 10+ years relative experience in gas field, gas engineering, or Quality Assurance/Quality Control.
§Knowledge and experience of various field processes
§Strong aptitude in applying technology to solving problems in field.
§Ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders (e.g. both external and internal)
§Successful track record in implementing change.
§Strong skills in: strategic thinking, teaming, communication, project management and analytical skills
§Exhibit high personal standards of commitment and integrity.
§High energy level
§Self-starter with the ability to work independently with little direction.
Job Dimensions:
Some traveling to vendors, industry meetings, and other NGrid gas locations will be required.

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