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Trailboss Enterprises (

12.26 /hr

  Full Time   Employee   Contractor

Panama City
United States

Maintain facilities in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy/deep cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities. May include all or some of the following:
• Monitor, spot clean, or deep clean restroom fixtures, walls and floors, when needed. Pick up trash on floors.
• Monitor, spot clean, or deep clean break rooms, kitchen, cafeteria areas, and lounges, etc.
• Monitor paper product levels in all locations, restock when required.
• Empty full or near full trash cans at all locations and dispose in proper receptacles.
• Spot check and vacuum all main entrance or reception areas when needed.
• Vacuum all carpeted areas using an industrial type vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the nap of the carpet.
• Shampoo and deep clean carpeted surfaces.
• Sweep and mop all hard surfaced floor areas to remove dirt, debris and residue.
• Scrub, clean, and shine floors utilizing industry-specific chemicals and equipment. Strip and refinish Vinyl composition tile (VCT) or other hard floor surfaces.
• Spray buff floors utilizing high-speed buffer (electric and/or propane powered).
• Move and replace objects, when needed, to assure uniform floor care.
• Dust furniture, file cabinets, shelves, woodwork, and similar items with a treated cloth to remove dust.
• Wash windows, sills and blinds, etc., to remove dirt and dust.
• Wipe down all counter surfaces in all locations. Rinse surfaces to be used for food preparation and tables where employees sit and eat.
• Police all required areas and correct any out of place items, untidy, or messy locations back to company clean standards.
• Maintain accountability for all supplies and equipment issued to perform tasks.
• Utilize safety signage for all locations, when cleaning is necessary.
• Utilize safety procedures while performing any janitorial/custodial tasks.
• Report to supervisor any area repeatedly requiring excessive policing.

Supervisory Responsibilities (When designated Lead Custodian by management):
• May supervise one or more custodian employees.
• May create custodian employee work schedule.

Other Collateral Duties: Perform other duties as directed by the Project Manager.

Education and/or Experience:
• Completion of a standard grade school plus six months experience in fields providing the knowledge, skills and abilities identified in this Job Description.
• Employees operating industry-specific cleaning equipment require 1-3 years previous floor cleaning experience.

Specialized Experience:
• May be required to operate industry-specific cleaning equipment.

Language Skills. Must be able to:
• Read, write and understand the English language.
• Understand/interpret verbal and written instructions to perform required duties.

Credentials Required:
• Must have a valid Driver’s license and maintain a safe driving record.
• Ability to obtain and maintain a base access to NSA Panama City, FL.

Other Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Must be able to read, interpret and apply information from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
• Experience in chemical handling, storing and disposal procedures. Must know which chemicals may not be used together.
• Knowledge of various types of floor surfaces and proper chemicals and equipment to clean them.
• Knowledge of basic janitorial/custodial procedures.
• Knowledge of applicable safety procedures.

Work Environment. Must be able to:
• Work shifts.
• Work in confined spaces.
• Work from heights using ladders or lifts to perform overhead cleaning.

Physical Demands. Must be able to:
• Kneel, crawl, climb, push, pull, use arms and shoulders for repetitive motion, use hands to grasp and grab.
• Lift and carry cleaning supplies and housekeeping material and equipment weighing up to 30 lbs.
• Remain on feet and perform any of the critical elements at intervals of three (3) hours before a break may be scheduled.
• Maintain balance while working in narrow spaces while performing custodian duties.
• Bend and stoop to perform duties.

To apply for this job, contact:
Krisha Loescher

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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