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Family Practice/Primary Care Physician

WJM Professional Services (www.)

230,000 /yr

  Full Time   Employee   Contractor

Aberdeen Proving Ground
United States

Family Practice Physician Board Eligible/Certified

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS / RESPONSIBILITIES. All Contractor HCP shall meet the qualifications for that specialty and perform essentially the same functions, within the scope of acceptable for their technical professional discipline and standard, as those required by Army or government service technical professionals of similar experience and in similar duty assignments. Contractor HCP practices/productivity will be compared to that of other Contractor HCP assigned to the same medical facility
Education: The HCP shall possess a degree as a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a school in the U.S. or Canada approved by a recognized accrediting body. Graduates of foreign medical schools practicing in the U.S. are required to possess a medical license and certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMGP) or Fifth Pathway. Contractor will be board certified or Board eligible by the American College of Family Medicine.
Experience: The HCP shall have no less than 1 year experience.
Licensure: The HCP shall possess and maintain a current, active, valid, and unrestricted medical or osteopathic medical license from any U.S. state, District of Columbia, Commonwealth, territory or jurisdiction. The HCP shall possess a current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number. All Licenses and certificates must be renewed and maintained in a current status during the life of the contract. HCPs must take any continuing Medical Education training for recertification/relicensing in their time off and not on Government time. The Government will not pay for the HCPs training.
The provider shall possess Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) that shall be maintained in a current status at all times while performing services under this contract. Any fees associated with the renewal or maintaining BCLS certification shall be the contractor’s responsibility. The contractor shall provide appropriate documentation relative to certification/recertification dates and biannual anniversaries of certification dates to the COR.
The Family Practice Physician shall perform the following duties/tasks at Kirk U.S. Army Health Clinic, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, as required and in strict compliance with standing orders and protocols set forth by the medical treatment facility (MTF) to include, but will not necessarily be limited to the following:
SPECIFIC TASKS: The HCP shall provide services to Patient Centered Medical Home Primary Care Clinic and perform the following tasks:
CLINICAL OPERATONS: The HCP shall comply with all KUSAHC clinical and management policies.
The contractor shall maintain clinic staff on-site to ensure that patients are treated within time frames stipulated herein.
The contractor’s staff shall comply with DoD’s reporting systems.
The contractor shall be responsible for the coordination of services for their patients.

The contract physician shall promote high quality of care by acting as the manager of services, assuring the appropriateness of services provided and encouraging continuity of care through the establishment of the primary care giver relationship.

The contract physician shall be routinely scheduled to work in the clinic. Clinic hours shall be scheduled for the physician.

The contract physician performing services under this contract shall have sufficient experience to be able to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries typically seen in Family Medicine across all age groups (birth to geriatrics).


Health care services provided shall be of a quality meeting or exceeding current recognized national standards as established by the AMA, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), the Joint Commission (TJC), the American Academy of Family Medicine IAW MEDDAC bylaws and MEDDAC's plan for provisional medical services. The contractor shall perform all services IAW with the ethical, professional, and technical standards of the various professional disciplines of the health field.

Patients shall be appropriately diagnosed and treated based on symptoms and signs presented.

Emergency resuscitation equipment for adult patients shall be immediately available, working, and maintained IAW appropriate TJC standards.

Prepare and document appropriate history, physical examinations, and diagnosis. Maintain documentation of all treatment provided IAW MTF directives and prepare such records and reports as may be required by the contract. Ensure all documentation and reports are legible.

The contractor's physicians shall use the Department of Defense electronic medical records (EMR) system [currently CHCS and AHLTA] for keeping records, ordering of ancillary procedures, ordering of medications, writing doctor's order, writing referral for specialty care, and performing other required patient record functions.

The HCPs shall provide preventive services in which every patient encounter should be used as an opportunity for preventive care. These preventive services are or include: Either screening procedures to detect a disease or primary or secondary prevention interventions to protect or restore health. These services may be provided during acute and chronic visits or during preventive care visits for asymptomatic individuals to maintain and promote good health.

Periodic health promotion disease prevention surveillance examinations IAW current Department of Defense and Army policy.

Manage requests for information IAW established MTF policies and procedures. The contractor or contractor personnel shall not release medical information without prior coordination with the Patient Administration Branch or authorized military personnel.

The contract HCPs are required to prescribe only those medications that are listed in the MEDDAC formulary IAW AR 40-3. Any medication necessary for patient care not listed in the formulary shall be requested through the Chief of Patient Centered Medical Home to the Chief of the Pharmacy for approval to order.

The HCP shall write a DD 1289 (DoD Prescription) Form for those patients who request their scripts be filled by the National Mail Order Pharmacy or the Network Pharmacy IAW TRICARE and KUSAHC policies.

REFERRALS/CONSULTATIONS. The following referral criteria shall be used:

The HCP shall be responsible for requesting all necessary referrals to the MEDDAC for appointing IAW KUSAHC policies using CHCS or other electronic medical records keeping systems.

The HCP shall follow the established procedures of the MEDDAC when making referrals. The HCP, shall refer beneficiaries to receive specialty care IAW Milliman & Robertson Ambulatory Care Guidelines.

Patients with emergency conditions shall be referred to the NEAREST emergency room or to the nearest medical facility capable of providing the proper treatment.

Referrals/consultations shall be entered into electronic medical records system utilizing the consult tracking system in the managed care module IAW KUSAHC policies.


The Contractor HCP shall be required to work a 40 hours per week, except as indicated below. Duty hours are for a predetermined scheduled period not to exceed 8 consecutive hours per day, plus an unpaid lunch break. The normal hours of work are Monday through Friday, between the hours of 0730 – 1630 hours (excluding federal holidays). The exact hours of duty will be coordinated between the Contractor and the COR.

Absences. When anticipated Contractor HCP have not reported for duty, have become ill, or are unable to work during a scheduled shift they must contact the Contractor who will in turn notify the COR.

Absences such as vacations, shall be coordinated and approved at least 30 days in advance and mutually agreed upon by the COR and the Contractor. Scheduled absences shall be limited to two (2) weeks.

Contractor HCP working under this contract shall be paid only for hours actually worked at the hourly rates established in the contract. Contractor HCP will have a one hour or 30-minute unpaid lunch period. Payment to the Contractor will not be made for temporary work stoppage due to circumstances beyond the control of the Medical Treatment Facility, such as acts of god, inclement weather, power outages, or temporary closing of facilities.

Facility Closures. During anticipated closure of the facility due to Command declared training holidays or during unplanned closure of the facility due to natural disasters, military emergencies, severe weather, or otherwise, the contractor shall not invoice the Government for services not performed and the Government will not be liable to the contractors for any such closures.

Federal Holidays. The Contractor will not be paid on federal holidays unless Contractor HCP is scheduled to work on a holiday and will be paid for hours worked at the hourly rate established in the contract.

Holidays. The following is a list of legal federal holidays as referred to elsewhere in the contract/task order. Contractor HCP may be required to work on legal holidays as determined by the Department Chief.
New Year’s Day, January 1st
Martin Luther King’s Birthday, 3rd Monday in January
President’s Day, 3rd Monday in February
Memorial Day, Last Monday in May
Independence Day, July 4th
Labor Day, 1st Monday in September
Columbus Day, 2nd Monday in October
Veteran’s Day, November 11th
Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November
Christmas Day, December 25th

NOTE: Any of the above holidays falling on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday; holidays falling on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday. Any holidays that are declared by Presidential Executive Order shall be observed in the same manner as the holidays listed above. If the area in which a Contractor HCP is scheduled to work is closed due to the holiday and the employee is not required to report in, payment will not be made for those hours. Closures of the installation due to inclement weather or other such acts of God shall be handled in the same manner.

The Contractor HCP may be required to extend the duty hours to ensure completion of the scheduled patient treatment or in cases of emergencies. Contractor HCP shall be paid the contract hourly rate until the Contractor HCP leaves the MTF premise. Hours worked do not include travel to and from the MTF.



The Contractor shall present a neat and clean appearance.

1.4.2. All outer clothing shall be laundered or dry cleaned as appropriate, well-fitting and fresh each workday.

Shoes shall cover the foot to meet sanitation and safety requirements. Open-toe shoes or sandals shall not be worn.

Fingernails shall be clean and not extend one quarter of an inch beyond the flesh tips. Acrylic nails or overlays are prohibited.

Hair shall be neatly groomed. The length and bulk of hair shall not be unkempt, or of extreme appearance.

Contractors shall wear dresses, pants or slacks, shirt or blouses with collar and sleeves, shoes and socks. Tank tops, cut-off pants, shower shoes or similar items of apparel are specifically prohibited. In all cases, contractor employees shall conform to the established personal appearance policy of MTF.


Health. Contractor individual performing services under this contract shall comply with the health and immunization requirements as stated below at the time of initial request for clinical privileges and annually thereafter. The expense for all physical examinations to comply with the health requirements shall be borne by the contractor individual at no additional cost to the government.

Contractor individual performing direct healthcare services under the contract shall receive a general physical examination with their credentialing package. The certificate shall state the date on which the examination was completed, and the name of the physician who performed the examination. The physician performing the examination shall sign this certification. For the purpose of this paragraph, a physical examination administered more than 45 days prior to submitting credentialing package will not be considered adequate. The physical exam shall include the following:

a. A history to show that the HCP has completed a primary series of immunization with tetanus and diphtheria toxoids and that a booster dose is current (within the past 10 years.).

b. A test for immunity to the hepatitis (Type B) virus with documentation of the results. A profile shall be established to show immune status to hepatitis. Non-immune Healthcare workers (lacking anti-HB(c) or anti-HB(s)) shall be required to complete an immunization series with a Hepatitis –B vaccine (e.g., Recombivax, Energix).

c. Serologic evidence of immunity to measles and rubella or documentation of immunization with measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine using the following guidelines.

(1) Employees born before 1957 without documentation of previous vaccination with MMR should receive one dose.

(2) Employees born in or after 1957 who have received one dose of MMR previously shall receive on booster dose.

(3) Employees born in or after 1957 without documentation of any previous vaccination with MMR should receive two doses of vaccine, separated by no less than one month.

d. Serologic evidence of immunity to varicella or documented history of illness or immunization.

e. For personnel who do not have proof of having completed a primary series, completion with enhanced potency inactivated poliovirus vaccine (eIPV) is recommended. Reliable history of spending early childhood and attending elementary schools in the United States since may suffice as clinical history of polio immunization, but requires physician documentation in the record of the history and examination.

f. Contractor individual shall be screened before employment and annually for tuberculosis by a tuberculin skin test using the Mantoux technique. (The TINE test is disallowed as a substitute.) A skin test result of 10 mm of indurations or more shall be required to have a chest roentgenogram and an evaluation performed. A tuberculin skin test of 10 mm of indurations or more will require documentation providing an assessment of the patient (status of infection-active, inactive; need for preventive treatment or not as determined by age, history of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) vaccination; duration of skin test positivity, etc).

If all of the immunization and test set forth in the preceding paragraphs have been completed, the contractor shall issue a certificate providing evidence of immunizations and tests that have been completed or started and shall provide a schedule for the completion of unfinished immunizations and lab tests. After the schedule is completed, the contractor must provide an updated and complete certificate. Failure to complete the immunizations as scheduled may be grounds for the Contracting Officer, upon the advice of the MTF commander or his clinical staff, to determine that such contractor individual is not an acceptable individual to perform services under this contract.

The Contracting Officer, with the explicit case-by-case approval of the MTF commander, is empowered to make exceptions to these requirements, for example, in the event of vaccine shortage or bona fide religious exceptions, but nothing herein shall be construed as an imperative or directive upon the Contracting Officer to make such exceptions.

Contractor individual performing direct healthcare services under this contract, which experience a parenteral (e.g., needle-stick or cut) or mucous membrane exposure (e.g.. splash to the eye or mouth) to blood or bloody body fluids, shall receive prompt treatment. The medical treatment facility (MTF) will evaluate the source of exposure for risk of Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C. And Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and will provide a report of the findings to the contractor and the contract HCP. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to provide appropriate treatment as needed to possibly include Tetanus-Diphtheria booster, Immune Globulin, Hepatitis-B vaccine booster, or Hepatitis-B Immune Globulin. The contractor shall be responsible for providing the contract HCP with initial testing and if the source of exposure was unknown, positive, or confirmed at high risk for HIV infection, follow-up testing 3, 6, and 12 months after exposure. In event of a confirmed or highly suspected parenteral exposure to HIV, the contractor individual shall receive appropriate counseling and is referred immediately to a private infectious disease specialist for consideration of any post exposure prophylaxis (e.g., AZT). The Government may require the contractor individual to provide evidence of the status of treatment and testing of the individual contractor under the contract.

Contractor individual shall receive the current influenza immunization from a non-Government physician and present evidence of the shot to the COR unless documented by a physician to be medically contraindicated.

Failure to meet the requirements stated herein, or when test results determine a contractor individual has a contagious disease, the Contracting Officer may, upon advice of the MTF commander of his clinical staff, determine that such a contractor individual is not an acceptable individual to perform services under this contract.

The Government offers vaccine for occupational exposed hazards, i.e., smallpox, anthrax, etc.

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Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
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