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Five Various Positions with Homeland Security

7 Eagle Group (
Defense Contracting

$45,000-$163,000 /yr

  Full Time   Contractor

District of Columbia
United States

Seeking Military Veterans with Secret Clearance – Washington, DC
All positions have an estimated start date of February, 2017

1. Program Management Support Services
Coordinate and develop statements, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, and materials for use in speeches, white papers, talking points, press releases, etc.
Understand and articulate roles and responsibilities of the different offices of the DNDO.
Provide support for interaction with DHS, OMB, White House, and other key Federal entity staff.
Understand and explain Executive and Legislative branch policy, statements, and changes regarding the DNDO’s mission, role, and responsibilities.
Provide support for external affairs, strategic planning, and executive correspondence review.
Perform and assist with the management of multi-disciplinary assessments, which provide an analysis of the net effectiveness of existing and potential future detection and reporting architectures in meeting DNDO objectives and requirements.
Examine plans, procedures, protocols, system integration, deployed technologies and future technologies, and identify current and future potential vulnerabilities within the overall DNDO global nuclear detection and reporting architecture.
Assist the DNDO Program Manager (PM) with the overall planning and coordination.
Perform liaison activities with the Office of Procurement Operations, DNDO Directorates, and the PM to orchestrate all non-Contracting/Grant Officer processes and documentation for acquisitions or for the provision of funding assistance:
1. Acquisition Plans
2. Inter-Agency Agreements
3. Statements of Work
4. OMB 300s
5. Source Selection Plans
6. Source Selection Review documentation
7. RFPs, BAAs, or Funding Opportunity Announcements
8. Purchase Requisitions

Draft Memorandums of Understanding necessary to support the DNDO programs.
Develop and maintain mechanisms to track program budgets.
Coordinate DNDO equipment, training, planning, analyses, and support requirements with DNDO directorates.
Maintain project schedules and prepare briefing documents.
Maintain a historical timeline of projects within DNDO programs and organize files/documents of all engagements or actions.
Assist in coordinating program reviews, site visits, and/or field tests as required.
Coordinate logistic support for major test campaigns or programs.
Coordinate and schedule Quarterly Program Reviews (QPRs) and assist PM in preparations.
Coordinate weekly staff meetings. Prepare draft meeting agendas, and meeting minutes. Monitor and track status of action items and issues assigned at the weekly staff meeting and provide status reports.
SALARY RANGE: $108,000 – $163,000

2. Financial Program Support Services
Assist in developing, coordinating, and maintaining an integrated system of financial services including accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting.
Provide assistance in formulating, justifying, and monitoring the execution of long-range (5-year) budget plans to fund major programs and services. Develop detailed estimates and narrative justifications. Planning for and monitor the use of funds for program goals.
Employ cost-benefit analysis to review financial requests, assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods.
Provide functional expertise in integrated financial resource management, and cost management.
Analyze DNDO budget estimates or proposals for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with established procedures, regulations, and organizational objectives.
Assist in formulating and developing the agency’s annual expenditure plan; executing the Mid-Year review and end of year closeout.
Support various types of integrated financial resource management, economic and cost analysis, including cost-benefit, business case development, and general cost effectiveness for DNDO.
Track past, current, and future expenditures at varying levels (e.g., office, program, and performer) and perform budget analysis on results.
Prepare annual budget submissions for submittal through DNDO senior managers to DHS
Headquarters to Office of Management and Budget.
Provide on-the-job training to staff on internal budget/financial procedures.
SALARY RANGE: $81,000 – $101,000

3. Travel Support Services
Provide guidance and counsel travelers regarding temporary duty travel, temporary change of station and local travel.
Maintain travel records per timelines established in Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).
Process travel vouchers for DNDO personnel and invitational travelers and ensures claims for reimbursement comply with the FTR.
Audit and review travel vouchers and travel authorizations using an automated Travel Manager System.
Prepare monthly travel expenditure and other types of reports or spreadsheets.
Guide travelers through the official passport application process, prepare request documentation, and maintain historical passport files.
Advise travelers on allowable exceptions to FTR, review requests for exceptions, coordinate through internal standard operating procedures, and present to federal OCOS management for approval.
Maintain historical exception files.
SALARY RANGE: $45,000 – $60,000

4. Human Resources Support Services
Assist in documenting new or editing existing position descriptions.
Assist in preparing vacancy announcements and in documenting KSAs and accrediting plans.
Assemble packages for management approval, and submit and track packages submitted to DHS HQ Chief Human Capital Office (CHCO) for action.
Coordinate performance management training for new managers.
Assist managers in drafting performance plans, implementing Performance Management system use, and ensuring CHCO timelines are met.
Process reassignments, retirements, and resignations. Confirm routine within-grade-increases are activated timely. Coordinate on-boarding of personnel through DHS procedures to ensure a smooth transition for Entry-On-Duty. Provide employee orientation services.
Ensure employees are appropriately promoted in ladder positions upon approval from manager.
Assist managers in creating justifications for recruitment, security upgrades, promotions, new positions, or other staffing actions; assemble packages for approval, and submit and track packages submitted to CHCO for action.
Perform liaison duties for professional development activities such as assistance with the automated DHS learning system, coordination of on/off site training classes for DNDO personnel, assembly of course material, validation of course attendance, collection of feedback from attendees, registration, and assessment/analysis of training needs.
Assist with annual awards program and special act nominations; assemble packages for approval and ensure awards are processed in timely manner by CHCO.
Draft Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs): circulate for signature, modify as appropriate, and maintain personnel files.
Assist DNDO program officials with providing performance appraisal input to detailee or partnering agencies as required.
Coordinate with budget office for reimbursement activity and prepare required documentation.
Assist in the following program areas as assigned: employee relations; employee benefits; EEOC liaison; workman’s compensation injury; model workplace program; and Human Resources policies and procedures.
Create, edit, and/or maintain a variety of Human Resources (HR) spreadsheets, reports, and PowerPoint presentations regarding ongoing HR activity.
SALARY RANGE: $45,000 – $60,000

5. Chief of Staff Support – Chief Information Officer
Assist the DNDO Director (Director) in implementing the guidance provided by the DHS Secretary.
Assist the Director in the formulation, implementation, and execution of DNDO programs to accomplish DNDO mission, responsibilities, and functions. Oversee DNDO staff functioning and mission execution. Promote and ensure coherent and consistent representation of DNDO views and policy, both internally and externally. Provide the full spectrum of information technology and facilities management services to staff to enable mission completion.
The DNDO Chief Information Officer (CIO) requires support to aid in the execution and fulfillment of CIO system-level and organization-level responsibilities in four functional areas: Governance, Information Technology (IT) Operations, Information Security, and Knowledge Management.
Chief of Staff Program Management Support:
Support the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) in this business requirement.
Track all tasks assigned under this order, monitor the progress of Contractor performance on these tasks, and provide the deliverables required under this SOW.
Perform contract management duties as the Contract representative to include, but not limited to, meetings with the COR as deemed necessary regarding all aspects of the contract. Examples being, but not limited to, staffing requirements, reviewing budget estimates, contractor invoicing and activity reports, sub-contractor invoicing and monthly activity reports, management of task order level activities, development and revisions to spend plan, coordination on new requirements, scopes of work, and response to staffing needs.
Conduct technical interfaces and meetings between Contractor and DNDO personnel, as needed. These meetings shall be both working and formal sessions to review overall program efforts.
Note: Contract Management Support is a part-time position.
Chief Information Office Support:

Governance – Provide support to the DNDO CIO in conduct of DHS- mandated project, program, and portfolio governance—with emphasis on coordination and support and reviews, analyses, and reporting of DNDO information technology acquisition review (ITAR); investment management / capital planning and investment control (CPIC); DHS Section 508 [of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, et seq. [PL 105-220, 1998]; and DHS TechStat and PortfolioStat activities.
Coordinate with DHS and DNDO and training of personnel to assure effective program implementation at all levels.
IT Operations – Provide support to the DNDO CIO for DHS enterprise and DNDO mission-support information technology infrastructure planning, deployment, and operations. Such support includes: §
Identify and document business requirements and technology needs.
Plan, coordinate, and deliver of systems and services.
Operating and administering DNDO mission-support systems (includes accounting for DHS and DNDO IT assets and access).
Account for, configure, control, and deploy Communications Security (COMSEC) devices.
Information Security – Provide support to the DNDO CIO for DHS-mandated information security / risk management planning, preparation, review, audit, and reporting. Following are the requirements for this support: § Ensure that information security requirements, including necessary security controls, are identified and integrated into DNDO’s enterprise architecture, solution development, and investment management processes.
Coordinate and perform DNDO information systems security activities incorporated in the DHS Risk Management Framework.
Coordinate, implement, and maintain security controls of DNDO information systems such that security risks are managed consistent with DHS and DNDO business and mission objectives and the overall risk strategy established by the DNDO Risk Executive and Authorizing Official.
Verify and validate the information security readiness of DHS-enterprise and DNDO mission-support classified and unclassified information technology systems, applications, and services (includes ongoing DHS Information Security Vulnerability Management and Continuous Diagnostics compliance.
Knowledge Management – Provide support to the DNDO CIO for planning, development, implementation, operation, and assessment of DNDO and selected DHS- information sharing and collaboration capabilities supporting DNDO, including records management. Such support includes: o
Elicit and prioritize knowledge management and information sharing requirements.
Architecting, configuring, implementing and deploying, administering, and maintaining intranet and extranet Microsoft SharePoint solutions.
Creating and managing relevant content databases.
Plan, implement, and operate a Public Law/DHS-compliant DNDO Records Management program, which includes:
Categorizing and maintaining record categories.
Identifying affected documents.
Creating, documenting, and communicating of DNDO document and records management processes and procedures sufficient to meet compliance and mission requirements for preservation of information.
SALARY RANGE: $95,000 – $120,000

All positions have an estimated start date of February, 2017

To Apply:

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To apply for this job, contact:
Susie McCrea

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.

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