Intermediate Maintenance; Engine Technician (W005)

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ARABIA Dhahran

ManTech Mission & Solutions Group established itself as an industry leader in worldwide technology support providing support to the U.S. Army, U.S.Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers and we would like to consider YOU as part of our team.
As the Exclusive Teaming Partner to the Saudi based contractor, Jadwalean International Operations & Management Company, ManTech will provide highly qualified and experienced personnel to work in various locations around the Kingdom to support Royal Saudi Air Force in systems, equipment, and training,also provide dedicated maintenance manning to the RSAF.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Inspects, removes, installs, trouble-shoots, repairs, maintains, tests and modifies jet, turbo jet, turbo fan and small gas turbine engines; maintains associated equipment; and supervises jet engine activities.
2. Must be proficient in I.M. Level Repair procedures for P&W F100-220(E)/229 Engines.
3. Must be able to comply with F15 A/C engine Periodic Phase Inspections.
4. Must be able to Remove/Install F100 engine in F15 A/C.
5. Must be able to troubleshoot engine Fault Codes of installed or uninstalled engines.
6. Must be able to work in confined area such as engine intake or exhaust.
7. Must be able to lift heavy objects (up to 50 Ibs).
8. Must be able to troubleshoot Secondary Power & LRU's.
9. Train RSAF to the 5 and 7 level.

Qualifications and Experience:

1 High School Graduate or higher
2. Professional / Specialty: Engine Technician, and F15 Engine courses from the U. S. Air Force or equivalent studies.
3. Total Number of years: 5, Years in Skill Level (if required)
4. F1 -E 29 GE F-100-129E, C Engine Disassembly, Inspection, Repair,Assempoly,
5. F100 Engine Removal gt Installation in F15 A/C.
6. Troubleshooting of F100 Engine Installed or Uninstalled.
7. Troubleshoot / Repair Secondary Power and LRU's.
8. Engine run certified within the last two (2) years.



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