Lineman - Transmission

San Diego Gas & Electric (


  Full Time   Employee

San Diego
United States

Install, operate and maintain the Company's electric transmission system under direct supervision; operate tools and equipment necessary to accomplish the work; perform other related duties as required or assigned.  Work on wood, steel poles and towers up to 200 feet.  Use of Live Line Tools on 12kV-500kV and rubber gloving method may be used up to 12kV.  Bare Hand techniques may be utilized on 69kV-500kV.  Work may be performed from structure or aerial lift truck.  Will operate mechanized line truck or other trucks.  Install, maintain and repair electric transmission and distribution OH lines and equipment up to 500 kV.  Install, maintain and repair electric transmission and distribution UG Cable and equipment up to 230kV.  Erect and climb poles and steel structures.  Install crossarms, insulators, conductors, switches and other equipmen


  • Climb and descend 100-foot wooden pole wearing four-pound metal climbing gaffs on each boot plus body belt with tools weighing 25 pounds
  • Climb and descend 200-foot steel poles and lattice towers
  • Attach one end of 28-pound jumper cable onto a conductor with eight-foot fiberglass hotstick - requires standing in climbing gaffs on wooden pole while supported by body belt/safety strap and rotating torso 60degrees, extending hotstick out and above the shoulders at approximately 45-degree angle
  • Lift onto mounting bolt from belt height an assembled 10-foot crossarm weighing 80 pounds with hardware while standing in climbing gaffs on pole supported by body belt and safety strap
  • Remove substructure covers - round metal manhole cover up to 108 pounds (lifting tool for manhole)
  • Work inside substructures
  • Stringing conductors and pulling cable
  • Replacing wood, steel and lattice structures
  • Operate and drive assorted pieces of large equipment
  • Lift and carry 60-75 pound tools, materials or equipment while aloft or traversing uneven terrain
  • Work in a variety of terrain, weather and other conditions including ambient temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Work in daylight and at night with limited auxiliary lighting.  Periodically work extended overtime shifts
  • Work in and around helicopters

 The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the California Public Utilities Commission have adopted regulations governing the control of drug use by persons in certain job classifications. Certain job duties in this position are classified as being covered by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) (Title 49 CFR Part 382) and candidates who are not already in a DOT covered job classification must pass a pre-employment drug test. Candidates who do not successfully pass the FMCSA pre-employment drug test will be required to enter a drug rehabilitation program as a condition of returning to their present jobs. Once in the job and driving/ licensure/ permitting requirements are met, successful bidders will be subject to FMCSA mandated testing.


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