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Las Vegas
United States

General Responsibilities:

Employee will be responsible for supervising 2 personnel, assisting with scheduling, conducting water assessments/laboratory review, shop assessments, writing and reviewing reports and assisting with duties as necessary.

Primary responsibilities include implementing the water, air, and occupational health and safety programs.

Must be familiar with all OSHA, federal, state, and local regulations regarding personnel health; ie. HazCom, respiratory protection program, lead/chrome regulations, asbestos, water, et al.

Must be able to work with customers to obtain and relay information.

Must have a breadth of knowledge regarding OSHA regulations and safety programs.

The position requires working at several vastly geographically separated remote locations with no available immediate/urgent medical treatment/sustainability available.

Must have and maintain required certifications (fugative dust,

Responsible to oversee water and air programs; including, but not limited to: water sampling, reviewing/submitting sample results, air/dust permits, submitting CDRLS, et al.

Utilize their experience to guide those with less experience and ensure surveys and assessments are conducted in a professional manner and in conjunction with current industry standards.

This position will include scheduling and coordinating their schedule to ensure coverage at all locations.

Tasking will also include scheduling of their workload and adjusting work locations as needed.

Remote work locations necessitate transportation utilizing a variety of available methods, which results in limited accessibility and may be require overnight stays at various work locations

Mandatory Skills Requirements:

Assist with implementing the Environmental, Safety and Health program including water and air sampling/monitoring/reports, task/shop assessments that necessitates being physically conditioned to perform a variety of functions such as entering confined spaces, accessing elevated platforms, walking, standing, and providing recommendations and reports regarding field activities.

The position requires in-depth knowledge and familiarity with Environmental, Occupational Safety, and Health Regulations and Standards, Air Force Regulations, State Regulations, local regulations, and policies and procedure. Interpretation and application of these regulations, standards, and procedures is also required.

The position requires interpersonal relationships with fellow co-workers and one-on-one interaction with customers.

Tracking work load, and monitoring task completion is required.

Responsible for completing paperwork on computers, submitting required weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and tracking OSHA compliance items.

The position requires knowledge of the contract and how best to accomplish the environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety aspects of the contract.

Writing reports, assisting with technical questions, scheduling, and writing monthly summaries.

Knowledge regarding the completion of shop surveys, hazardous safety analysis, and job specific safety analysis.

Other Skills Preferred:

Knowledge of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.?

Water, chemistry, environmental, and safety coursework preferred.



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