Quality Assurance Engineer, Principal

ManTech (www.mantech.com)


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El Segundo
United States

Launch SE&I Quality and Pedigree

Provide reviews, as assigned, of manufacturing, production, and quality processes as a member of the pedigree team for pedigreed parts IAW pedigree guidance documentation (e.g., EELV Atlas V Pedigree Review Guidelines, Delta Hardware Pedigree Handbook, internal documentation).

Evaluate production operations and quality hardware history. Identify and document hardware pedigree issues IAW internal pedigree guidance. Examine LV production operations to include identification of key process parameters, associated monitoring metrics, variability, and determination of ?statistical control?, capability and capacity. Document conditions adverse to quality production. Provide documentation (e.g. written reports, email documentation, or presentation). Investigate production issues and quality escapes, anomalies, and failures. Provide analysis of LVC root-cause determination and verify corrective action implementation and objectively monitor process health. Provide technical readiness assessments to the government. The contractor shall provide documentation (e.g. written reports, email documentation, or presentation). Contractor Quality Engineers (QEs) Work with prime contractors and suppliers in reviewing production and quality systems. Assess effectiveness of these systems and, where directed, participate in implementation of modern quality methods such as statistical process control, sampling methods, statistical analysis, and design of experiments (DOE). Assess and develop metrics to examine prime contractor and supplier production and quality performance, such as cost of quality, first time quality, and metrics associated with reject and rework rates and escapes. The contractor shall possess the expertise to perform statistical analysis to identify focus areas adverse to quality or manufacturing operations. Assess production related issues to determine impacts to the overall mission assurance, and suggest mitigation methods. Review, coordinate and distribute Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) information. Review, participate in and coordinate Parts Material and Process Control Board (PMPCB) meetings and actions Assess LVC product assurance projects and indicate methods to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies of such projects as: non-conformance reduction; lean manufacturing initiatives foreign domestic object damage and quality escape elimination. Develop corrective action plan recommendations. Written assessments of audits, Program Management Reviews, Corrective Action Boards. Metric development. Document hardware pedigree issues. Document conditions adverse to quality LV production. Provide documentation (e.g. written reports, email documentation, or presentation). Technical readiness assessments. Attend audits, Program Management Reviews, Corrective Action Boards and provide written assessment.



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